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Another man. In this arena I guess I could start to label as “home”. A man with an athletic frame. He carries an impressive stature. He seems untouchable at first glance. But a second look tells me something else. He seems torn. Distraught and broken. Maybe not by body, but by mind. I have seen him outrun the creatures. But also on a hook, with his bowels fleeing his torso. Something unsettling about that sight.
~ Benedict Baker regarding David King

David King is one of the playable survivors in Dead by Daylight being introduced in A Lullaby for the Dark. He is a rugged scrapper with experience and skills which he uses to take on his enemies and protect his fellow survivors.


David grew up in a wealthy family. Due to his proficiency at sports and his parents' connections, he had many career choices and he was accepted in many colleges. Because of his combative nature he took up rugby as David lived for the adrenaline of a fight and even then he would still go out of his way to start one. David excelled at the sport and his career was looking bright until one day he lost his temper and assaulted a referee, earning him a lifetime ban which he saw as an early retirement. He still had connections with his family fortune despite being kicked out of his family home after beating up his abusive father.

Free from the constraints of a job and still having connection to his family's wealth he spent his days at pubs, drinking, watching games, and getting into fights. Soon David stopped showing up at the pubs and was reported missing. Some theorized that he had found an opponent that was stronger than him and in a way they were right. David, now in the realm of The Entity, faces the strange being's bloodthirsty servants head on to escape alongside fellow survivors.

Skills and abilities

David comes with 3 teachable perks. We're Gonna Live Forever allows him to heal dying survivors quickly while rewarding him for protecting and helping his teammates. Dead Hard allows him to dash and avoid damage at the cost of leaving him exhausted. Lastly, No Mither grants him stealth capabilities and allows him to pick himself up infinitely at the cost of leaving him injured.


  • He shares his name with the optional Resident Evil: Outbreak protagonist.


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