You have something that does not belong to you. Actually, I suspect that you have quite a few things that do not belong to you.
~ McIntyre, confronting a thief.

David McIntyre was a character introduced in the Babylon 5 episode A Late Delivery From Avalon.

He was portrayed by Michael York.

McIntyre was born in 2208 on Earth. In adulthood he enlisted in Earthforce and by 2248 had reached the rank of Gunnery Sargent, assigned to the EAS Prometheus during Earth's first expedition to Minbari space. Captain Jankowski panicked and ordered his people to open fire on the Minbari ships, resulting in the death of Minbari leader Dukhat. This ignited the Earth-Minbari War.

EarthForce subsequently cleared McIntyre of any wrongdoing. McIntyre struggled with increasingly severe bouts of depression, but was put back on active duty. Despite his mental issues he performed admirably in the war, earning the Silver Star for Valor. McIntyre, like Jeffrey Sinclair fought in the Battle of the Line, and was one of about 200 people to survive the battle in which nearly 20,000 humans died at the hands of the Minbari. Following the war he left EarthForce in 2253.

McIntyre continued to have mental issues following the war. In 2260 he came under the delusion that he was King Arthur, and traveled to Babylon 5 wearing a set of armor and carrying a sword. He was stopped at customs but Stephen Franklin and Marcus Cole intervened and allowed him to board the station.

During his time on the station, McIntyre solved a theft, and prevented several more crimes from taking place after taking on a band of thugs operating in Downbelow He met and befriended G'Kar, knighting him as Sir G'Kar, the Red Knight.

Fraklin examined McIntyre and reported to Captain John Sheridan about McIntyre's condition. Franklin was sure that McIntyre was not Arthur owing to his modern use of language. He ran McIntyre's DNA against Alliance records. Because McIntyre had been in the military, his DNA was on file and Franklin got a match.

Despite objections from Marcus Cole, Franklin felt obligated to confront McIntyre with the truth, however the trauma of having his delusions challenged caused McIntyre to become catatonic.

Discussing the situation with Marcus, Franklin realized that McIntyre had come to Babylon 5 to have his pain taken from him. The pair went to Delenn and explained the situation to her. She went to medlab and took the sword from McIntyre, forgiving him for his actions at the first contact between their races. This helped bring him out of the catatonic state.

Having received forgiveness from Delenn, McIntyre responded well to treatment and was soon back on his feet. With G'Kar's help he secured a position in the Narn resistance, motivating the Narn in their fight against the Centauri.


  • Michael York was J. Michael Straczynski's first choice to portray John Sheridan. While York was willing to take on the role, studio executives objected, leading to Bruce Boxleitner being cast in the role instead.
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