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Dawn is Marianne's sister from animated film Strange Magic. Unlike her sister, she is more feminine than her and she is unaware of that her elf friend Sunny is in love with her.


While Marianne is self-conscious and cynical, Dawn is optimistic and outgoing. She is outwardly annoyed by her sister's overprotective behavior, but she still cares deeply for her. She is seen on more than one occasion to flirt with a handful of other men, fickle over which boy she wants to pursue, and even flirts with total strangers. She seemed completely unaware of Sunny's crush on her until his cove broke the spell over her, to which she accepted his affections with open arms.

When under the influence of the love potion, Dawn becomes obsessively infatuated with the Bog King. She becomes deaf and blind to all of the Bog King's threats and acts of apathy, not minding being imprisoned and singing to him when around him or imprisoned. She follows whatever he tells her no matter what and denies her sister's rescue attempt. She does manage to breach his walls however when giving him a boutonniere, though this just barely gets a positive response from him.

While naive in certain things, she is not one to hold a grudge or any kind of prejudice, knowing about Marianne and Bog King's feelings for one another and encouraging them.

Powers and Abilities

While possessing no magical abilities or combat skills, her wings do grant her the ability to fly and she as the skill of singing.

Strange Magic




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