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The Dawnguard is an ancient order of vampire hunters once retired but have recently revived by Isran a former vigilants of Stendarr now decided to eradicating vampires throughout Skyrim. Fort Dawnguard serves as their headquarters and can only be accessed via Dayspring Canyon located in the snowy mists of Riften near Stendarr's Beavon.


The Dawnguard is an ancient order of vampire hunters that once existed during the Second Era, but have long since disbanded. It was refounded by Isran as an unofficial offshoot of the Vigilants of Stendarr, after he was expelled from their order when his methods became too extreme even for them. Isran, on the other hand, believes that the Vigilants became complacent and this is what led to their downfall, a fate he will not let befall the Dawnguard.


The Dawnguard are perhaps the only truly "good" faction in Skyrim, because aside from Florentius claiming that the old Dawnguard looted villages (some of which might have already been under the influence of vampires at the time), they don’t seem to be harming innocents in the storyline. In fact, the Dovahkiin may become the most morally questionable member of the Dawnguard, as they are a former fugitive turned vampire hunter; their potential actions include mercilessly putting down vampires in daylight, wielding a Daedric artifact of the patron god of vampires, and/or being the unfettered force of purging all things undead.


  • Isran (commander)
  • Dovahkiin
  • Beleval
  • Celann
  • Durak
  • Florentius Baenius
  • Gunmar
  • Ingjard
  • Lynoit
  • Mogrul
  • Ollrod
  • Saliah
  • Sorine Jurard
  • Tilde
  • Vanik
  • Vori


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