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Dazbog is the Slavic god of the sun, fire, heat, warmth, light and weather. Dazbog is a god gives to people.


While Dazbog is a known as a god in Slavic mythology he is also hero in the the Russian legends. When winter ends Dazbog brings the light from the sun and rain to help new life being again. Because of this Dazbog is also seen as the god of life. With the birth of new life when the weather is warmer comes hope the hope of having a good a good spring and good summer. This hope that Dazbog has also made him the god of of hope. When summer ends and winter arrives Dazbog turns old since winter is a symbol of death but once spring and summer arrive Dazbog becomes young again because the two seasons are a symbol of life. Dazbog has the ability to change into many animals from a bear to a wolf and a few others this transformation is caused by the the many different animal furs, pelts and hides he has whatever skin he wears that is the animal that Dazbog will turn into. Even though he has hides made from animals as a good of life Dazbog cares for animals and even has a few of them at his side following him and helping him. Like many gods in several myths from across the world Dazbog has had several wives however unlike the other gods Dazbog only had three wives while most other gods had more than that.

As a god of light Dazbog brings light to darkness making it go away and as the god of the weather Dazbog also brings rain to restore life. Being a god who would gave light, warmth, heat, rain, weather, spring and summer to the mortals as a giver Dazbog never need the humans to give him anything unlike other gods from many different myths. He is also known as god of the harvest this is because Dazbog provides everything that is needed to help crops grow. When the darkness of night ends and the is replaced with and the coldness of winter is replaced with the warmth of summer Dazbog brings happiness with that light and warmth. Being the giving man that he is Dazbog is known for his good deeds he does for others. As a god of life Dazbog values the life of all things and values birth as well. As a god of light, life and summer Dazbog's job is to make sure there is a balance that doesn't allow darkness to over power light or death to over power life or winter to other power summer.

Dazbog many enemy is Morana goddess of winter, cold and death even though the two of them fight each other they both know one can't exist without the other. While Dazbog protects people and the earth from Morana and she wants to stop the sun god from getting in her way they both know that they are need to balance things out. Morana has tried to seduce Dazbog to fall in love with her but failed and then tries to poison him if she can't have him. The two deities battled each other long ago Dazbog defeated Morana and sent her to the underworld. When winter come around and Dazbog loses his youth and becomes an old man he goes into the underworld to battle Morana. During their fights in the underworld Morana captures Dazbog and traps him in the down there through all of winter when he becomes old and his strength is weakened. But when spring comes around Dazbog gets his youth and strength back because spring means summer will be returning. When Dazbog is at full power and young again he defeats Morana and returns back to earth to continue his job. Morana at point kidnapped one Dazbog's three wives to bring him to the underworld and make him fall in love with her in order to get his wife back. Dazbog saved his wife but at the cost of his freedom Morana kept Dazbog with her until she got bored with him and found a new lover after that she let him go. There are people who worship Morana the humans who worshiped the goddess of death would offer sacrifices to her sometimes they would drown or burn people to please the goddess. This was an act that Dazbog did not approve of sacrificing life to satisfy the goddess. Another ritual humans would do to honor the the goddess Morana was make a effigy of Morana and then burn it again Dazbog saw this as something that was wrong and that humans shouldn't do things.

Unlike his rival Morana and gods from across the world Dazbog didn't need sacrifices to satisfied by mortals he doesn't believe that humans should give things to him. Dazbog likes give gifts to humans and not receive them which is very different from most other gods. Dazbog pleases and satisfies the people he refuses to be greedy and never puts his needs before their needs. Dazbog is one of the few gods that has an origin that goes back as far as the ice age and stone age. His worship even continued and lasted up into the medieval era.


  • In a downloadable game known as Jurassic Tribes there is a Pteranodon named after Dazbog however the name of the pteranodon is spelled Dazhbog in the game.
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