De Li is the forth Pipling to appear in the Waybuloo TV series. She is a pink cat pipling with a loving persanality.
De li


De li is caring and outdoorish, although she sometimes finds it hard to stand up for herself. But since she is only young she has sometime to grow and change. De Li suffers from a fear of nytophobia which can happen when in a dark place. She normaly has a nightlight beside her bed. Her real personaility is sweet, caring, a little bit shy ,confedient,lovable and very cute.She is six years old and wears a pale pink dress.At night she wears white and pink poka dot pyjamas with dark pink slippers and she is a cat. De li lives with her mother,father and 16 year old brother de le.Her father passed away when she was only four and a half and her mother is still alive and her brother is solo so she lives with her mother. De Li lives with her pink narabug in her comfy pink pod, along with her pipling neighbors Nok Tok, Lau Lau and Yo Jo Jo. She loves gardening, especially growing flowers and vegetables. She has a shed in her garden and is often depicted with her watering can. She particularly loves huggles and holding hands, and is always eager to do nice things for her pipling friends.


De Li, the cat, has a pink body and big blue eyes, with slightly pointed ears on top of her head and a tail with a white tip. She wears a flower on top of her head. She wears a pale pink dress.


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