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Hero Overview

Thing is, Cope? Fuel prices have come down lately, way down. Only problem - is ya gotta find it yourself. And last I checked, there's plenty of assh**es out here trying to take what's "rightfully ours".
~ Deacon in one of his derision of Mark Copeland's broadcasts.

Deacon St. John, also known as Deek, is the main protagonist of the 2019 PlayStation exclusive game, Days Gone.

In the past, he, his wife, Sarah Whitaker, and best friend, Boozer, were attacked by antagonistic forces of infected live beings called Freakers, caused by the Freaker virus outbreak spreading among humans and, soon, animals.

The last thing he did in past was he sent Sarah to safety to N.E.R.O. helicopter, but gave her his Mongrel ring saying he wants it back, and let her go being sent away in the helicopter by herself, which soon later on leads to the main event that took years after.

He regretted leaving Sarah alone in the N.E.R.O. helicopter back then, and now, along side with Boozer, must survive in an apocalyptic world filled with infected Freakers and other hostile enemies they encounter, and lives his life as a mercenary.

He was voiced and mo-capped by Sam Witwer, who also voiced Galen Marek in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Starkiller in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, and Death in Darksiders III.


The character of Deacon is pretty complicated for most. Deacon had quite a bit of post-traumatic stress from his time in the military, and he had a quite pessimistic attitude even before the apocalypse. After suffering significant losses as a result of the outbreak, he was said to be "broken".

Deacon still sports his kutte because it serves as a constant reminder of the days when he adhered to a set of rules, as well as the fraternity and camaraderie he previously experienced with his club. Deacon still adheres to several principles from his past, such as abstaining from attacking women who are not armed and taking extreme umbrage at such behaviour.

Deacon can still be humorous and even cynical despite this, making jokes with people with whom he gets along well. He often peppers his conversations with barrage of pragmatism and cynicism, as well as expletives, causing him to be at odds with Mark Copeland (for his overtly incorrect "truths" in his conspiratorial broadcasts) or even Iron Mike (for his his pacifistic beliefs) in the past.

Deacon doesn't appear to be very good at following directions from others. He confesses that he abhorred every second of his military duty. When camp leaders sought him for assistance, he appeared to dismiss their worries rather quickly. However, he does so when it is necessary to gain favour with other survivor groups.

Deacon demonstrated his compassion by attempting to save Manny from some robbers. Given that Manny was able to assist him thanks to his mechanical expertise, it must be said that some of this was motivated by self-interest. Deacon also saves Lisa Jackson, a young woman who had been living alone and had been attacked by thugs. As Tucker, who used to be Lisa's neighbour, makes her labour like a slave, he regrets bringing her there.

Later, when she escapes the Rippers, Deacon saves her once more. He then gives Lisa to Rikki, who transports her to Iron Mike's Camp. He is upset to find out that she has vanished again. Deacon has carried out a number of mercy killings to save victims from far worse fates, such as preventing them from being devoured alive by freaks or being hanged by the Deschutes County Militia.


  • Motorcyclist: Deacon is a very accomplished biker, and given that he belonged to a motorcycle club before the end of the world, it is clear that he is quite talented on two wheels.
  • Hand to Hand Combat: With a weapon or just his hands, Deacon is more than capable of fending off several adversaries.
  • Marksmanship: Deacon is a skilled marksman who can take on hostile marauders and stave off hordes of Freakers.
  • Stealth: Deacon has a good sense of stealth thanks to his experience surviving in the post-apocalyptic world, and he is more than capable of evading discovery when he has to.
  • Tracking: Deacon has the ability to track people, Freaker, and animals. This will allow him to determine what transpired under certain conditions.


  • Drifter Bike: The vehicle of choice for Deacon. It is substantially adapted for on- and off-road usage and serves as his principal method of transportation and portable arsenal.
  • Binoculars: To scout the woods, Deacon carries a pair of binoculars.
  • Knife: Deacon always has a knife in his boot that he may use to slay enemies, cut rope, open locks, and do other tasks.
  • Guns: Deacon carries a variety of weapons, including sniper rifles, assault rifles, handguns, and shotguns over the course of his venture.



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