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Attention. I'm Chief Hancock of the Diamond City P.D., but here, you may call me 'Dean Hancock' or 'Sir' or 'The guy who married your mother and went ass to ass with her last night' if you're this fat bastard, right here.
~ Dean Hancock

Chief Dean Hancock is a recurring hero from the Netflix original series, Paradise P.D. He is the chief of police at Diamond City Police Department and the far more successful archenemy of Paradise Police Department's chief of police, Randall Crawford.

Although Chief Hancock is heroic, when it comes to his job, he is a horrible man, in his free time, as he spends most of his time torturing and abusing Randall. Despite this, it's hard to condemn him since he's such a great police officer, who saves lives, fights crime, and keeps Diamond City safe.

Heroic Acts

  • In "Ass on the Line", Dean Hancock was awarded a plaque, labeling him and his police team as the "Top Cops in the State", handed to him by the governor on behalf of the president. However, since he was the leader of the team, most of the credit went to him. Later in the episode, Dean Hancock and his cops observed a murder case, where an unidentified man was killed. Paradise P.D. fought with them for the right to observe the body and being the kind and generous man he is, Dean allowed them to split the evidence. Dean managed to solve the case in 5 minutes. However, most of the details have been left undisclosed.
  • In "Police Academy", Hancock trained a bunch of people to become cops at Diamond City Police Academy. He taught people the right things to do and rightfully awarded Kevin for doing everything right and rightfully punished Randall for doing everything wrong.


  • Dean Hancock married Mavis Crawford (the then single mother of Randall) just to fuck with Randall, knowing that it would piss him off. This makes him technically the stepfather of Randall and the step-grandfather of Kevin Crawford.