Death from Regular Show

Death is a anti hero of Cartoon Network series, Regular Show. Despite the fact that he is the villain, he sometimes does noble deeds. For example, in Exit 9B, he helped the park workers to save the park from the gauntlet of villains.


Death represents an undead skeleton-like figure, with a slim body, greenish-white skin flaps. Several skin flaps segment his mandible from his upper jaw, which give the allusion of a mustache and sideburns. He also has brown neck-length hair, and empty eye socks.

Death's attire is composed of British biker clothes. He wears a black motorcycle jacket, a grey sleeveless shirt, and a torn hoodie around his neck. Both the shirt and the hoodie scarcely hide his rib cage. When he removes his jacket, Death's right arm is shown to be abnormally muscular. His lower body is dressed with a pair of blue jeans tied up with a taupe belt and skull shaped buckle. A small chain is dangling from his left back pocket. On his feet, Death wears a pair of brown leather shoes with pointed tips. On occasion, Death wears sun glasses, a biker's helmet and a knapsack.



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