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Death Arms is the character from My Hero Academia. He is a Pro Hero whose Quirk seems to involve Super Strength. He's fairly abrasive and in the business mostly because it pays the bills. Kyoka Jiro trained under him during her internship.

He is voiced by Shinnosuke Ogami in the Japanese version, and by Cris George in the English version.


Death Arms is a very tall, muscular man of a wide build with slightly-tanned skin. He has a square jaw which juts out a notable amount, small eyes and short white hair, spiked out behind his head.

In his hero costume, he wears large headband with a yellow and black-striped caution pattern, matching his thick wrist-guards and the belt around his waist, a square buckle with a triangular decoration sat in its centre. He wears what looks to be a cyan-colored cardigan, which exposes his lower torso and the centre of his pectorals, held onto his chest on each side by small metal nuts. His pants are dark blue, a white stripe down each side, and are slightly baggy on him, and his shoes are plain black with a simple design.


This job's been running me ragged. I can't seem to catch a break. And what do we get from it? Rants. Doubts. Rage. Yeah, I know there's some support for us out there, but... one loud heckler easily drowns out ten fans. I thought I was different. Better. I'm sure we all did once. But nah. I'm no hero. I'm only human.
~ Death Arms retiring from heroism.

Death Arms is a serious but also a selfish and cowardly person. As seen when he backed off from the Sludge Villain when he realized he can't beat him, not taking Bakugo's fate into consideration, it is also seen that he is hypocritical when he scolded quirkless Midoriya for trying to save Bakugo even though he as a hero just watched. Lacking idealism, he also uses his quirk to show off and attract attention and fame from other people which also shows that he is arrogant and egotistical. He is also shown to be somewhat sadistic as seen when he showed excitement and delight when he was about to beat up Slidin'Go.

Despite this however, he has a sense of justice and responsibility and is a hardworking person, as seen when he told Kyoka Jiro that a real hero needs to train constantly in order to become stronger. Which indicates that he does understand the duties of a hero to a degree.

After the fallout of the Paranormal Liberation War, Death Arms retired due to criticism by the public (presumably due to his flaws back when he was a Pro Hero). While many still believed in him, he felt that one heckler's negativity affected him more than many fans. He laments about how he believed himself to be different and better, but now he believes that he is no hero.


Unnamed Arm Strength Quirk: Death Arms' Quirk grants him a superhuman level of strength in his arms. He is able to lift things that are so heavy, they could normally only be moved via industrial machinery.


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