is a character and a heroine from Street Fighter, She was a meber of the bodyguard elite of M. Bison until she was freed from her brainwashing.


Decapre looks surprinsingly similar to Cammy White except that she sport a scar over face, who it's covered with a meta mask , She wears the standard outfit of the dolls with a backless variation.


Abused and Brainwashed, Decapre was merely a victim of the abuse given by M. Bison (along with the other Dolls), Originally she was tasked to execute Cammy White until she was freed from the brainwash during the event of V.

Becoming a rogue agent, Decapre was willing to atone from her crimes by helping Cammy White to freeing the dolls, with she was relieved to see they are well.


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