Deities are the most powerful and important beings in the worlds of the Legend of Zelda series. Deities vary widely in their form and the extent of their power. Terms such as deity, god, and spirit have been applied to many beings, and there is no clear definition of what is a deity and what is not. These terms are likely not defined levels of power nor races of being but are representative of the speaker's view of the one being described. Ganondorf for example, who is a powerful Gerudo but not generally considered a deity, has once been called a god. The most powerful deities are the Golden Goddesses, who descended from a Distant Nebula and created Hyrule and the life that exists there. There are three Golden Goddesses; Din, Goddess of Power, Nayru, Goddess of Wisdom, and Farore, Goddess of Courage. Before returning to the heavens, the Golden Goddesses left the all-powerful Triforce in the Sacred Realm, a world parallel to Hyrule.

Link is often said to be the hero chosen by the gods. This may be meant to indicate the Golden Goddesses, or perhaps other deities. In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Link is the chosen hero of the Goddess Hylia, specifically.

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