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Deku Link is a character that appears in The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, he is the form that Link wears the Deku Mask.


Link was transformed into his Deku form by Skull Kid, he was then helped by Tatl, The Happy Mask Salesman gives Link a mission to find the Majora's Mask, Link gives the Moon's Tear to a seller Deku, so he can get his Ocarina of Time back, then Link confronts Skull Kid who lets the Ocarina fall on the ground, then Link gets his Ocarina of Time back, Link flashbacks that how Zelda gives him the Ocarina before he leaves Hyrule, Link uses the Ocarina of Time transformed into a bizarre instrument music to go back in time.

Then Link learns the Song of Healing, then the Deku is expelled from Link's body and was sealed into his mask form, so Link can keep his Deku form under control.

In Swamp Temple, Link transforms into his Deku form to kill Odolwa and freed the Giant from the temple, then Link manages to free the Deku Princess in time to bring her back to her father.


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