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Many have referred to me over the ages as the Deku Tree.
~ The Deku Tree.

The Deku Tree is a character from the The Legend of Zelda series who was first introduced in the video game The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He is the wise, fatherly guardian of Hyrule's forests who also protects the Kokiri and Koroks that live there.


Ocarina of Time

Years prior to the events of the game, during the Hyrulean Civil War, Link's mother entrusted the Deku Tree to take care of her son before she passed away from causes unknown. The Deku Tree believed Link was fated to one day save the world from evil and raised him as a Kokiri until the time was right to reveal the truth.

Sometime after the war, the Deku Tree received a visit from Ganondorf who demanded from him the Kokiri's Emerald, one of the Spiritual Stones required to enter the Sacred Realm. The Deku Tree refused to relinquish the emerald and Ganondorf placed a curse on him that would slowly take his life. With his time running short, the Deku Tree had Navi the fairy summon Link so he may task him to purge the forest guardian of his curse. Link ventured inside the Deku Tree and succeeded in slaying the armored parasite Gohma, but was too late to save the tree's life. Before dying however, the Deku Tree told Link about the Triforce and Ganondorf's motives. He then instructed him to take the Kokiri's Emerald to Princess Zelda at Hyrule Castle and says his final good-byes to them.

Without the Deku Tree's power, forest monsters grew in number over the course of seven years and forced most Kokiri to retreat into their homes. However, after Link managed the save Saria from the Forest Temple, a Deku Tree Sprout shot up in front of the withered Deku Tree and continued its predecessor's role as guardian of the forest, thus causing many monsters to suddenly vanish and the Kokiri to resume their livelihood.

The Wind Waker

The Deku Tree is found on the Forest Haven island living alongside a species of woodland folk called Koroks. Every year, the Koroks would perform a ceremony before the Deku Tree would send them to sew seeds on different islands so they will on day grow into new forests. Link visited the Deku Tree in order obtain Farore's Pearl, but found him under attack by a hoard of ChuChus. After the monsters were slain, the Deku Tree soon realized what his savior had came for and prepared the Koroks for their yearly ceremony to summon the pearl. However, Linder descends from the sky and alerts everyone that the violinist Makar had fallen into the Forbidden Woods, which forced the Deku Tree to delay the event and ask Link to rescue Makar. Link eventually found Makar, whom the Deku Tree scolded for flying so close to the Forbidden Woods before the Korok ceremony could commence as planned, but he lovingly forgives the remorseful Korok, saying that his safety was all that matters and encourages him to play his violin like he had always done. After that, the Deku Tree sprouted seeds from the top, which the Koroks took to use to grow trees on islands across the Great Sea where forests could flourish. Makar and Hollo remain behind so the former can continue to practice for next year's ceremony while the latter brews his potions.

Breath of the Wild

The Deku Tree had been given the task by Princess Zelda of watching over the Master Sword hidden within the Lost Woods until the day Link would awaken from the Shrine of Resurrection to retrieve it. Once Link finds the sword, the tree warns him that he must muster up enough strength to pull it from it's pedestal, as the very act of doing so could be dangerous. The Korok have set up shop inside the Deku Tree's navel where Link can stock up on some supplies.



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