FFT Delita
Delita Heiral is a character in Final Fantasy Tactics. Delita is the childhood friend of the main protagonist Ramza Beoulve, one of the princes of Ivalice. Delita was born poor but in a time when such station would see him as little more than a tool, Delita manages to rise in his rank to the level of knight thanks to his commitment, skill and friendship with Ramza. For the first section of the game Delita is an in party ally and "guest" character, preventing him from ever dying from the unconsciousness countdown but also preventing the player from controlling him as they would the rest of the party; this is to show that while Ramza considers Delita a friend he does not exercise any formal command over him and tries to adapt to his friend's tactics, backing him up and supporting him. Delita has a falling out with nobility of the land including Ramza after the first chapter, leaving the party but occasionally returns as a guest ally over the course of the game when his and Ramza's goals overlay. After the the first chapter Delita gains a very heavy anti-nobility mindset because of how he and his family are treated for being poor, his continued, if strained, friendship with Ramza is based entirely on the fact that Ramza is the only noble who ever treated him like a person.
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