I'm gonna be different, Okay? I'm not there doing what they do, I'm there to save lives, I'm gonna be like Super Man.
~ Delsin Rowe to Reggie (determinate).

Delsin Rowe is the main protagonist and playable character of InFamous: Second Son. He is a young Native-American man and brother to police officer Reggie Rowe, who wants to keep him out of trouble. After living a human life for 24 years, Delsin, a graffiti artist and local delinquent of the Akomish Reservation, discovers he is a Conduit/Bioterrorist after touching a Department of Unified Protection (or D.U.P. for short) captive named Hank.

This action alone activates Delsin's respective powers, and quickly begins to realize that he has the unique ability to absorb any other Conduit's powers after touching them. With his new found arsenal, he travels with his older brother to Seattle in order to dismantle the D.U.P.'s operations, and acquire its director's power of Concrete so he can heal his fellow Akomish members. Due to game mechanic, player can choose him to become a hero or villain, similar to his predecessor.

Technically, he is "successor" of Cole whom took his hero mantle if he uses his powers for good.

He was voiced by Troy Baker, who also voiced Erron Black in the Mortal Kombat series, and also voiced Joel Miller in The Last of Us series, Talion in the Shadow of Mordor series, Booker DeWitt in Bioshock: Infinite, Jack Mitchell in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Jake Muller in Resident Evil 6, Sam Drake in the Uncharted series and Batman (Telltale) in Batman: The Telltale Series and The Enemy Within.

inFAMOUS:Second Son

Beginning of the Heroism

Delsin is a 24-year-old Native American from the Akomish Tribe. Believing that he is destined for greatness, Delsin's occupation as a street artist, and his uncontainable penchant for free expression, sets the perfect background for his standoff with the D.U.P. Delsin has a rebellious attitude and favors anti-authoritarian street art. Unfortunately, Delsin's tendency to tag buildings and structures with graffiti constantly irritates and embarrasses his older brother, Reggie Rowe, who is forced to keep arresting him "over and over and over again".

After being confronted by his brother, Reggie, over vandalizing the latter's "Congrats, New Sheriff!"* billboard, the brothers witness the crash of a military truck transporting a trio of Conduits - Henry Daughtry, usually referred to as Hank, Abigail Walker, known to her friends and enemies as Fetch and Eugene Sims. While Abigail and Eugene quickly get away, Delsin attempts to help Hank out of some rubble and, for his troubles, becomes a hostage in the resulting standoff with Reggie.

During the struggle, Delsin accidentally absorbs Hank's powers and falls unconscious. After coming to, he finds the area around him in shambles. Discovering his newfound power, a frightened Delsin manages to reach and save his brother. Although Reggie, greatly perturbed by the turn of events, tells him not to use his new "tricks", Delsin uses them to chase him into the nearby burning fish cannery, attempting to save Betty who is trapped in the building. Armed with nothing but a chain and his underdeveloped smoke powers, Delsin chases Hank into the D.U.P.'s custody. Here, he is seemingly killed by Brooke Augustine, the DUP’s leader by being encased in concrete, though he is revealed to have survived near the end of the game. Unfortunately, Augustine questions Delsin after he accidentally refers to Hank as a “Conduit”, the name originally used for superhumans, which was phased out and replaced with “Bio-terrorist”, with only Conduits and their sympathisers using the name. She figures out that he is likely one of them, and Delsin admits to being one, an action that, if Augustine was reasonable, would have saved his fellow Akomish. However, she is not, and after he does so, she uses Concrete to impale one of his legs with splinters of it.

When Delsin finally wakes up, a week later, making a full recovery due to his new fast healing abilities, he learns from Betty that the rest of the tribe were injured by Augustine's cement daggers as well. He learns from Reggie that the Akomish are all dying, as they do not have the fortune to have super-healing, and that the only way to save them is to use a Conduit's Concrete power. Realizing from his encounter with Hank that he can absorb other Conduit's powers, Delsin convinces his brother to take him to Seattle where Augustine's forces have chased down the other two Conduits, and absorb her powers to undo what she did.

Arriving in Seattle, Delsin soon learns that the D.U.P. have effectively taken over the city and their ranks are bolstered by Forced Conduits, regular humans who can wield a small portion of Augustine's powers - even so, it is still enough to seriously hurt someone and be able to fling themselves into the air, and even worse, they are armed with guns. Near the beginning of his trip to Seattle, Delsin scales the Space Needle, now transformed into the main communications centre for the DUP, and destroys the equipment on it. He also makes a flag on the top, marking the beginning of the DUP’s downfall. A couple of days later, the brothers learn of a Conduit serial killer wielding Neon powers, originally mistaken by Delsin to be “flesh-eating death gaze”, and decide to hunt her down; both to stop her killing and to absorb her powers to help with the final confrontation with Augustine.

Investigating the murders, the brothers discover the victims are all drug-dealers, instead of random people, as the media have made the rest of the city believe. They soon learn that the Conduit is a girl named Abigail Walker, one of the escapees, and she is seeking to avenge her brother's death at the hands of the drug dealers. Delsin chases Abigail down and defeats her absorbing her neon powers as a result.

Delsin convinces Reggie to let Abigail stay free and to work with himself to both dismantle the D.U.P.'s and the dealer's operations.

After a confrontation with Augustine, he nearly meets the same fate as Hank, but he is rescued by a mysterious entity, which is actually one of the escapee’s Angels. Dropped in the Lantern District, Delsin is contacted by a mysterious fan, who is actually Eugene, and depending on which flag you chose for the Space Needle, he will have a different comment about it. Delsin is told to download an app which can track DUP communications, and he uses it to find Conduit buses, all of which have already been raided by the Angel-maker. Later, he learns that some Conduits are marked with vests. Flinging open the doors of multiple Port-a-Potties, he finds one such Conduit, who scales a crane and jumps off, despite Delsin’s efforts. He is rescued by another Angel. Reggie, who finds a vest, changes into one in a Port-a-Potty. Remarking how it smelt like somebody had Thai food in there, he tells his brother to chase him, and attack him, but only make near misses to make it believable, to coax another Angel out to take him, and help Delsin discover the Angel-maker’s hideout. He then destroys many TV screens, used as portals for the Angels. Reggie refuses to aid Delsin in catching the Angel-maker, saying that he will take the vest off, and cry himself to sleep. Delsin then drops into the hideout, and, upon approaching some TV screens, is teleported into a strange dimension, inhabited by “He Who Dwells”, actually Eugene. He defeats him, and Reggie comes to help, apprehending Eugene. Delsin, again, persuades him to let Eugene go, and subsequently begins a quest to help Eugene rebuild his self-confidence and fear of bullies by helping Conduits arrested by the DUP. Before doing so, he realises he has lost ALL his powers - he cannot absorb Smoke or Neon and has no Video powers. He tells Reggie, who is overjoyed and tells him to go home, but is persuaded to help him regain his powers with Core Relays. They are successful and Delsin is super-powered once more.

From there on, Delsin and his friends start to use their respective powers both to perform good deeds and help others while fight their way to stop their enemies' evil plans at the same time.

Final Battle

After several skirmishes and many good deeds committed, Delsin is informed that Hank lives. He is knocked out by Hank but is later called by him, and he suggests working together to destroy one of Augustine’s fortresses, which also contains his friends, Fetch and Eugene. They do so, but Hank is a traitor, and runs away with Delsin about to be arrested, if not for Reggie and his RPG. Delsin, concrete-cuffed, runs past DUP soldiers with awful aim and auto-turrets to Reggie. He is freed and they try to free his friends, but Augustine destroys the platform they are standing on. Reggie, who has been concrete-d and is rapidly being consumed by it. He lets himself be killed to save Delsin in a Heroic Sacrifice, enraging Delsin. He fights Augustine, but she runs away. Delsin then tracks down Hank, and confronts him. He tells him that the DUP had his daughter, and pushes Delsin away with a blast of smoke. Delsin begins to strangle him with his chain, but spares him after hearing the cries of his daughter desperate for her father. The two then disappear, as Delsin begins the end. Using the information with which Hank provided Delsin, he is able to create a gap in roof of the Channel 9 news station/converted D.U.P. headquarters and together with Eugene and Abigail assaults the building, making their way through the exterior. Finally, Delsin confronts Augustine in the building's news room.

There, Delsin states that he knows everything from the beginning to that moment. Augustine then explains her true motives: she has been capturing, but never killing, Conduits to prevent them from being killed by irrational civilians like they were in the pre-D.U.P. bloodbaths. To this end Augustine attempts to convince Delsin to help her regain the public's trust, and help her save more Conduits around the globe.

However, Delsin doesn't care about Augustine's excuses due to horrifying consequences of her plan (in fact, her methods are both more active and aggressive than Joseph Bertrand III’s in the past), and decides to take her down and expose her. He absorbs Concrete and is left without any other powers. Without fully developing his newest powers, Delsin is almost beaten by Augustine, who has nearly a decade of experience with hers. Thankfully, Eugene is able to throw several Core Relays into the room, as He Who Dwells, with which Delsin is able to become powerful enough to slowly wear down Augustine's monster form and capture her.

With Augustine captured, Delsin is able to expose the D.U.P.'s operations to the world. As Augustine is hauled away by authorities, the crowds, finally free, cheer and Delsin reflects on this, implicitly noting the irony of a government figure being "taken down by a gamer, an ex-junkie, and a small town delinquent. Delsin's actions set off a "Second Age", where Conduits and regular humans can coexist. Delsin also comments that the Conduits of Curdun Cay were also free to live as they see fit.

That said, Delsin himself had some unfinished business to attend to since, he got the power he needed. He returned home to heal his people of the injuries Augustine inflicted upon them. After curing the tribe, Delsin celebrate his brother's life by giving him a graffiti memorial atop the Fish Cannery. When finished he takes one good look, and almost in tears says, "I love you brother, and I'm sure gonna miss you." - a callback to what Zeke said in memory of his best friend Cole in inFamous 2’s Good sending. With that, he sets his paint can down and walks away.

Powers and Abilities

Potentially the most powerful Conduit, Delsin has a powerful ability called Power Absorption, that grants him ability to absorb and use different powers and elements, independently from one another. To do this, the he must first find a Conduit that possesses the desired power. He then make hand-to-hand contact with a Conduit to absorb their power. The Conduits, whose powers were absorbed, do not lose their power. Another effect of this ability allows the user to see the targeted Conduit's memories. This is how he gain his High-Temperatured Smoke manipulation, Neon Energy Manipulation, Video based Digital Constructs Manipulation and Concrete manipulation from his opponents.

However, once he gain his enemies' power, he will pass out, which is dangerous if he is in the middle of field and dangerous situation. Then, when he gain a new power, he must fully master it so he can switch to his previous ones. The last, but not least, he can't switch his power by his own will; He had to absorb energy from elements that controlled by the power that he wished to use. For example, when his Neon powers activated but wishes to switch his power into Smoke powers, he had to absorb smoke to do so, which explain why he never seen to use two powers at the same time.


You are not in control.
~ Delsin in the official trailer to the D.U.P.
How could anyone do this? How many people did she hurt? ...And no one could stop her?
~ Delsin on Augustine putting concrete shards into people (looking at x-rays).
Reggie. I did this. And I gotta fix this.
~ Delsin to Reggie on the situation.
Auh, this fast-healing stuff is gonna come in real handy.
~ Delsin after healing from two gunshot wounds.
There you go kid. Happy thoughts.
~ Delsin after seeing Eugene decide to join the real world.
Yeah, I'm told that hurts.
~ Delsin to Augustine, after defeating her.
I love you brother. And I'm sure going to miss you.
~ Delsin after spray-painting a mural of Reggie (Good Ending/Canon).


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