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Delta Dawn is a supporting character in Trolls World Tour. She's the mayor of the Country Trolls. In the "Tourist Map" video from the aforementioned movie's extras, Delta is called "Queen Delta Dawn" by Cloud Guy.

She is voiced by Kelly Clarkson who also voiced Moxy in UglyDolls.


Delta Dawn was first seen singing Born to Die. Thinking the Country Trolls needed cheering, Poppy, Branch, and Biggie sang a mashup of pop songs in hopes of enlightening her and the Country Trolls, only for Delta to throw them into jail. She, along with her fellow Country Trolls and her niece Clampers, chased the trio after Hickory broke them out of jail.

After returning from the chase, Delta and the other Country Trolls were abducted offscreen by Queen Barb and the Rock Trolls to Volcano Rock City, with the Country string being taken in the process. There, she and Clampers (as well as the other leaders) were converted into rock zombies by Barb using the Ultimate Power Chord.

However, Poppy was able to avoid getting brainwashed by putting gumdrops in her ears, and got the guitar from Barb. After smashing the guitar, Delta, alongside the other leaders and Branch, were returned to normal. But the destruction of the Strings left everyone with a profound sense of loss as Barb blamed Poppy for destroying all music. Although everyone was intially heartbroken by this apparent loss, Cooper and Darnell began to make music, and it was Queen Essence who realized aloud for all to hear that while their music started with the strings, it truly came from within themselves, which is something that can never be taken away. Then, King Trollex agreed by declaring music came from their experiences, with Delta adding that it comes from their lives, and Essence from their culture. Then all the Trolls sang together, inspiring harmony between them and restoring their true colors.

Delta, with the other leaders, later visited Pop Village to celebrate the harmony of the Tribes.


Delta normally looks friendly at first glance and she was initially sympathetic towards Queen Poppy, Branch, and Biggie (commenting that the three of them looked like they'd been beaten up by a rainbow), until she reacts harshly from them playing a different music genre that offended her and her townsfolk, going as far as arresting Poppy, Branch and Biggie for committing a "crime against music". It's possible that this could only relate to Pop music, due to the bitter history the other Tribes have in relation to the ancient Pop Trolls.

Even though she initially harbored resentment to the other Tribes (particularly the Pop Trolls), she later gladly learns to accept their differences.


Delta is an orange-skinned Country Troll with large orange-red hair and a small white hat with a golden star. The lower half of her body is that of a horse, which makes her look centaur-like. Her horse tail is green. She wears a white and green plaid shirt, white pants, and a brown belt with a circle-shaped buckle. She's also one of the few Trolls in the franchise with a bust; most other are flat-chested, as DreamWorks tends to use the same body shapes for Trolls of both genders. As a Rock zombie, Delta has darker orange skin and red hair, and wears a leather and metal outfit, including a cap replacing the hat. Her tail has turned the same dark red as her hair. She has a nose piercing on her left nostril, and her eyes glow red.


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