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Demi was created by Wren (Phantasy Star IV) to be a repair unit for Nurvus and is one of the heroes of Phantasy Star IV.


She has a pale human-like face and long green hair.

She dresses in blue and yellow, wears white gloves and has a red gem on her forehead.

Skills and Abilities

Like with her master and creator, she cannot use magic, but is proficient in firearms.


She tried to get Nurvus repaired sometime before getting caught by Zio who erected a fortress on top of it to prevent access.

She was later rescued when the heroes arrived in the room she was held captive live. But it was no time to celebrate as Zio arrived and, after a short fight, unleashed the Black Energy Wave leading to Alys being mortally wounded.

Demi helped Gryz, Chaz, and Rika cross the quicksand with the Land Rover to get to Rune who was seeking the Psycho Wand.

But even after the Psycho Wand was procured, the heroes still could not save Alys from dying.

Following Alys's death, the heroes set off with Rune to Zio's fort to dispel the Magical Barrier blocking Nurvus and subsequently kill Zio in order to stabilize Nurvus.


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