We're fighting a war here so stop laying around!
~ Demolicious
It's all my fault. I can't believe I lost the Malachite. I don't know how I'll be able to help my dad now.
~ Demolicious

Demolicious is a heroine from the Artix Entertainment game HeroSmash. Unlike other heroes from this company, Demolicious does not appear to have a real life counterpart, nor is she an avatar used by any of the staff. She is sometimes called Demo for short. Her story in the game is unresolved as the staff no longer update HeroSmash.


Demo is a pale, voluptuous teenager with a penchant for purple clothes. She has glowing pinkish eyes due to exposure from the Pandorian Malachite. Her lavender hair is actually dyed, her original hair color is chestnut brown, as seen under her mask. She has extremely thin eyebrows and wears thick black eyeliner.

At first glance, she could be mistaken for a villain due to her dominatrix resemblance. Her main outfit consists of a dark purple leotard with black patches on its stomach area and glowing patches on her chest. The leotard's mandarin neckline is embellished with silver trim. She wears thigh high boots in dark purple along with knee guards. Her black gloves have glowing knuckle guards and she wears a two-toned executioner's mask.


Demo is a loner, and has little patience for people who ask a lot of questions. She seems to be a hard-headed young lady who doesn't care much about others in general, but her bravado is shattered when Luigi daVinci mocks her intention to sell the Pandorian Malachite. She actually wanted to sell it to use the money to pay for her father's treatment.

Her true personality is extremely soft-hearted and nervous. Demo tends to blame herself for whatever goes wrong in her attempts to be a hero. She values honor highly and is under the impression that the citizens of Super City completely blame her for losing the Malachite.

On a lighter note, Demo has a liking for girly things, if the fact she refers to her robotic fighters as Divas indicates anything.

Powers & Abilities

She has immense superhuman strength and can briefly charge her wrecking ball weapon with lightning. It is currently unknown whether her overexposure to the Pandorian Malachite will manifest in other ways.



  • Her pseudonym Demolicious is derived from the word "demolish" and the slang suffix "-licious," which implies attractiveness.
  • A popular fan theory about Demolicious is that she's half-Japanese, part-Chinese, and part-European.
  • As she is not an avatar of ANY of the Artix Entertainment staff, she is used as an alternative persona by TheOriginalFive in non-Artix Entertainment games. By extension, this implies that she and TheOriginalFive both speak with Chinese-British accents.


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