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The backstory.

The Demon Slayer Corps is organisation of swordsmen, that execute demons in anime and manga Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer). The Corps were created in Sengoku Epoch (from the second half of the XV to the beginning of the XVII century). It's not approved by government.


To become a Demon Slayer, individual must pass the Final Selection, a test used as an entrance exam. The main goal is to survive 7 days on a mountain, full of Demons.

If candidate passed, he gets a uniform, also getting opportunity to choose their ore for their special swords (Nichirin), to execture demons efficiently. They also get a rare species of talking birds to communicate with slayers and announce about next mission.

And also starting with rank Mizunoto.

Rank System

They have a rank system, and the known ranks are shown below. From lowest to highest.

Mizunoto → Mizunoe → Kanoto → Kanoe → Tsuchinoto → Tsuchinoe → Hinoto → Hinoe → Kinoto → Kinoe


Hashira, or Pillar, are the most powerful swordsmen of their generation. Each one has their breathing style.

To have a chance to become a Hashira, a Demon Slayer must successfully kill 50 Demons as Kinoe, or kill a member of Twelve Kizuki (Jūnikizuki)

Mitsuri Kanroji - Love Hashira - Love Breathing. (Ai no kokyū)

Shinobu Kochou - Insect Hashira - Insect Breathing. (Mushi no kokyū)

Uzui Tengen - Sound Hashira - Sound Breathing. (Oto no kokyū)

Kyojurou Rengoku - Flame Hashira - Flame Breathing. (Honō no kokyū)

Giyu Tomioka - Water Hashira - Water Breathing. (Mizu no kokyū)

Obanai Iguro - Snake Hashira - Snake Breathing. (Hebi no kokyū)

Sanemi Shinazugawa - Wind Hashira - Wind Breathing. (Kaze no Kokyū)

Muichiro Tokito - Mist Hashira - Mist Breathing. (Kasumi no kokyū)

Gyomei Himejima - Stone Hashira - Stone Breathing. (Iwa no kokyū)

Former Hashira

Kanae Kochou - Flower Hashira - Flower Breathing. (Hana no kokyū)

Jigoro Kuwajima - Thunder Hashira - Thunder Breathing. (Kaminari no kokyū)

Sakonji Urokodaki - Water Hashira - Water Breathing. (Mizu no kokyū)

Breathing Styles

Breathing Styles are swordsmanship styles practiced and taught by the Demon Slayer Corps. The Breathing Styles make use of specific and concentrated breathing patterns, which increase the user's lung capacity and amount of oxygen in the blood. This increases the user's physical abilities and mental concentration, allowing them to fight on par with Demon's, whose physical prowess surpass that of the average human.

Focused breaths are also capable of clotting wounds from severe injuries and slowing down the circulation of poison in the bloodstream.

All Breathing Styles currently taught within the Demon Slayer Corps are derived from Sun Breathing, the first one ever created.

Kyojuro Rengoku - Flame Hashira

Shinobu Kocho - Insect Hashira

Giyu Tomioka - Water Hashira

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