Demora Sulu (born 2271) was a protagonist hero first introduced in the movie Star Trek: Generations. She was the daughter of famed Starfleet officer Hikaru Sulu.

Named after the city where she was conceived, Demora was portrayed by Jacqueline Kim.

A chance encounter between her father and mother Susan Ling led while her father was visiting the town of Demora on Earth led to her conception. Sulu's father was unaware that her mother had become pregnant from the encounter. Ling had not told Sulu's father about her, and it was only after her mother's death from Sukaro's disease that her father became aware of her existence.

Once while visiting the academy the younger while her father was teaching a class Sulu wandered away and wound up in the bridge simulator while pyrotechnic tests were being done. Running out of the simulator she bumped into then Admiral James T. Kirk. Kirk took notice of her with wry amusement, but her father was less than pleased about Sulu's antics in the simulator.

By the 2290s the younger Sulu had decided to follow in her father's footsteps by entering Starfleet. She graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2293 and was posted to the newly commissioned Enterprise-B with the rank of Ensign under the command of Captain John Harriman. Retired Captain James T. Kirk was pleased that the new Enterprise would have a Sulu at the helm.

Sulu was briefly considered dead when she was kidnapped and replaced with a crazed clone that Harriman was forced to shoot and kill. However Sulu's father was determined to investigate why she had apparently gone berzerk and discovered that she was still alive, and rescued her. A short time later Sulu was promoted to Lieutenant by Harriman.

In 2295 Demora survived an assassination attempt by the Klingon pirate Qagh (aka The Albino). This was in large part due to her father having visited Omega IV and gaining an immunity to viruses from that planet, which he had passed on to her.

Sulu continued her rise through the ranks on the Enterprise, and by 2311 was the ship's first officer.

After the Tomed Incident Captain Harriman gave up command of the Enterprise, and named Sulu as his successor. Promoted to the rank of Captain, Sulu served as the commanding officer of the Enterprise for many years.


  • Initially Demora was intended to be the daughter of Pavel Chekov. It was only in later versions of the script that she became the daughter of Hikaru Sulu.
  • The short story Seduction identified Demora as the Starfleet Captain who sponsored Chakotay for Starfleet Academy. The novel Pathways stated it was Demora's son Hiromi who sponsored the young man's entry into Starfleet.
  • Hikaru Sulu's daughter in Star Trek Beyond may have been Demora's alternate reality counterpart.
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