Dende tfs
I'm your White Mage. And no-one f*cks with the White Mage
Dende is a supporting character in the internet parody series Dragonball Z Abridged by Team Four Star.


Unlike his mainstream counterpart who was sweet and innocent, TFS Dende's personality is not unlike Piccolo's, being blunt and misanthropic. He especially dislikes Krillin since he refuses to call him by his real name and nicknames him "Little Green".

When Gohan has to deal with his father's continued abandonment, Dende offer Gohan a shoulder to cry on, then admits that he loves him. When Gohan expresses surprise, Dende panics and leaves him as well out of embarrassment.

Goku later abducts Dende and brings him to Earth for the purpose of creating a new set of dragon balls. Dende is frightened at first but mellows after seeing Gohan again. Dende settles into the role of God, gaining the admiration of Mr. Popo and taking out his rage on Krillin.

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