Deng Zhi (Chinese: 鄧芝) is a character in the 14th-century Chinese classic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms by the late Luo Guanzhong, and its multiple adaptations. He is an officer of Shu kingdom.


Born in Xinye, Deng Zhi is a descendant of Han official Deng Yu. He moved to the Yi province to avoid the chaos that has been plaguing the country. Concerned about his future, he turned to a local fortune teller named Zhang Yu, who told him that he would become a great figure at the age of 70. Although this did not help to appease him, the young man later heard about the hospitality of the administrator Pang Xi and came to work for him.

After Liu Bei took over Yi and establishment Shu Han, Pang Xi and Deng Zhi surrendered, and the latter became a junior official. Liu Bei soon noticed Deng Zhi's talents. He was appointed as the leader of Ganzhou and eventually appointed Guanghan's general manager. He worked hard to maintain his designated area and was later transferred to the capital of Chengdu as the secretary of the empire.

After Liu Bei's death, he was sent by Zhuge Liang as Shu ambassador to the Wu Kingdom to establish an alliance between the two kingdoms. As a result, he met Sun Quan and, thanks to his clever rhetoric, managed to accomplish his mission. When Zhuge Liang planned his first military campaign against the Wei, Deng Zhi was appointed Central Military Inspector and volunteered to assist Zhao Yun in his vanguard command. Together, they managed to defeat the enemy forces led by Xiahou Mao.

After Zhuge Liang's death, Deng Zhi was a military advisor and head of Jiangzhou. He received the title of General of Tanks and Cavalry and died.


  • Although well-liked by his own men, the other ministers found him too boastful and obstinate to get along with.


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