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Dennis Menace , nicknamed Dennis the Menace, is the main titular protagonist character of the Beano strip, Dennis The Menace and Gnasher. Badly behaved and visually rebellious, Dennis uses a wide range of pranks and weaponry in order to cause chaos and mayhem to those around him. He is trademarked by his scruffy, black hair and red & black jersey.

Despite his villainous behavior, some of his acts were for a good cause.

There are 2 Dennis the Menaces, Dennis Menace II and Dennis Menace III


Dennis is an uncontrollable schoolboy who takes pride in causing chaos and mayhem to those around him due to his intolerance for rules and order. Such traits have caused some artists and writers to consider him a villain, as in such strips, Dennis would often prove himself to be selfish and greedy, tending to disregard his friends in favour for treasures. His misbehaviour stems from what The Beano explains as an attempt to add excitement to an otherwise dull day. Additionally, Dennis is often considered to be a loner, seeking no solace in anyone's company aside from his faithful pet dog Gnasher. Feature-length strips in The Beano reveal that Dennis actually has a rivalling nature with The Bash Street Kids, often brawling and attempting to outwitthem. Most notably, he seems to have a particular dislike for Danny, the leader. He has, however, been shown to have a fairly stable friendship with Minnie the Minx and Roger the Dodger, enough so that the three have been seen to work together often. However, In the early days Dennis seem to dislike Minnie for her gender. Dennis has also been shown to be very heroic, having saved his town on occasion from potential disaster. The Beano Annual 2001–2002, both exemplified this in their stories in which Dennis defeated a race of 'Beanobots'.

Even though many strips depict Dennis as being fairly academically challenged, he is in fact extremely inventive and clever when it comes to mechanics. On occasion, it has been shown that Dennis can make from scratch his very own vehicles including a Menace Dune-Buggy, a working rocket, and other such things.


Dennis has scruffy black hair, and wears a red & black jumper.

Heroic acts

  • Save his ancestor's treasure from a thief named Montana (Dennis II)
  • In "Seven Menace" He & his friends got their stuff back from the confiscation (Dennis III)
  • Saving a tiger (Dennis III)

Pranking Skills


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