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~ Dennis Mitchell's catchphrase


Dennis Mitchell is the main protagonist of the comic Dennis the Menace by Hank Ketcham. He's French-Irish-American. Born on March 14, he is the son of Henry and Alice Mitchell, and they own a dog named Ruff, and (in some comic adaptations) a yellow cat named Hot Dog. He doesn't intend to be how the title describes him: a menace.

He is portrayed by Jay North in the 1959 TV series, Victor DiMattia in the 1987 TV film Dennis the Menace: Dinosaur Hunter, Peter Cronkite in the 2002 film, Dennis the Menace: Cruise Control, Mason Gamble in the 1993 film adaptation, and Justin Cooper in the latter's sequel Dennis the Menace Strikes Again, whereas, he is voiced by Brennan Thicke in the 80's cartoons.


He's just trying to do good sometimes for himself, sometimes for others, only for it to end up being trouble such as playing in the smelly, filthy, dirty, disgusting pile of mud puddles with his buddies, & sometimes Dennis always spending weekend time swimming naked in the lake/pond together with Tommy Anderson & the other boys, especially on every second Saturday on every single year in July on every single year.

In one comic, he puts full pressure on the sprinkler while Mr. Wilson, dressed as Uncle Sam for the Fourth-of-July parade, is headed off, and then, by mistake, he gets sprinkled.

Physical Appearance

Dennis wears a blue & black stripe t-shirt, with a red overall pants many times (in both comic images, & tv series).