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Deputy Frank Hawkins is a supporting character in the 2018 horror film Halloween. He was the officer who found Michael Myers after his 1978 killing spree.


Before Hawkins had Michael Myers captured and sent back to Smith's Grove Sanitarium, he prevented Dr. Samuel Loomis from killing Michael.

40 years later, during the night after the security guards, and the father and son are killed, he encounters Dr. Sartain injured and takes him to Haddonfield Memorial Hospital.

The following morning, Deputy Hawkins explains to an officer that Michael Myers escaped the transport and will most certainly return to Haddonfield to finish what he started four decades prior. Later during the night, he investigates Julian's house, and finds Vicky and Dave's corpses, then Laurie shoots Michael through a window, only to find out it's his reflection in a mirror. Laurie and Hawkins patrol behind the neighboring houses and find Michael; Laurie shoots him, but as she turns the corner, Michael is gone.

When Laurie takes her daughter Karen and her son in-law Ray to her house to get all the weapons set up, Hawkins takes Dr. Sartain with him to help find Michael, and while they are in search for him. The two manage to find Laurie's missing granddaughter Allyson after she discovered the body of her friend and escaped from Michael herself. While driving, Michael is spotted walking down the street by Allyson; despite Sartain insisting they keep him alive, Hawkins runs over Michael with his squad car. The two exit the vehicle to check on Michael, with Sartain checking his pulse and declaring him dead. However, Hawkins insists on shooting Michael just to be sure; at this point, it is revealed that Sartain falsely claimed Michael was deceased and pulls out a stiletto blade hidden in his pen, stabbing Hawkins to death.


  • The final timeline is the only continuity (besides for the 2007 timeline) where the Deputy in 1978 is not Gary Hunt.
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