Desna and Eska are the supporting characters of The Legend of Korra. They are the twin son and daughter of the late Chief Unalaq and the first cousins of Avatar Korra. Eska is the current Princess of the Northern Water Tribe. They were very loyal to their father, heeding his every order up until the moment he merged with Vaatu to become the Dark Avatar. Since that day, they turned on their father and became part of Team Avatar.  

After their father's death, they became the new co-chieftains of the Northern Water Tribe. They began helping their uncle and Lord Zuko against Zaheer and the Red Lotus. 

Desna and Eska notably express very little emotion besides boredom, due to their dislike of most people, places, and things. Despite familial ties, they mostly see their cousin as a Southern peasant.

Desna is voiced by Aaron Himelstein, and Eska is voiced by Aubrey Plaza.


  • His name word "dean".
  • His a name meaning word "a creek" in Inuktitut (Inuit) language. The Inuit is a Eskimo branch.
  • His similar to Angry and Red from Tangled: The Series.
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