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Destructor's father is the father of Destructor. In a flashback, it was shown that he was responsible for his son turning evil by throwing away his sock puppet.

Physical Appearance

He has the same appearance as his son when he was temporarily evil, except his armor is more greyish in color and has some green jewels in it. He also has a white mustache, yellow skin, and green eyes.


When Destructor was a baby, he continually played with his best friend, a sock puppet. Both were very close until Destructor's father pulled apart them. He removed the sock to his son because he ordered that, because he was his throne's inheritor, he had to mature and stop playing with it. Then, he threw the sock out the window to a thrash boat. Then, Destructor fell to the dark side; he turned pale-ish blue, got pyrotic powers, his eyes turned red and green eyes and his armor turned all-black. Then, he usurped his father's throne, the kingdom turned dark and gloomy and ordered jail his father. But when Wander and Sylvia returned the sock to Destructor, he was redeemed and liberated his father in order to make him duke.