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Detective Perez is one of the heroes in the 1994 movie Fresh.

He was portrayed by Luis Zantigua.

His main screen time in the movie comes after Chuckie's shooting in which he interrogates Michael about the shooting. The other detective, another white man, a white supremacist named Abe Sharpe, outright shows no concern for non-whites and hence no interest in the case, having a "why should we give a damn coloreds" attitude, while showing his disgust for non-whites. He storms out of the office, after belittling him first. He also berates Perez, apparently calling him a "colored-lover" indirectly.

Perez knows what Michael has been doing all his life (selling drugs); he doesn't bust him though because he knows the circumstances which led him to doing it. It's what he does for Fresh that makes him hero. He risks his job to give him permission to work undercover to bring them down, implicitly, by saying, "Here. This is my personal number, and I'm there every night. Come on. Take it."

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