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I'm not just a detective. I'm a great detective! Detective Pikachu!
~ Pikachu to Tim Goodman.
A Bolt of Brilliance!
~ Pikachu when solving a case.

Detective Pikachu is a male Pikachu and the titular protagonist of the video game and the live-action movie of the same name. He is a special kind of Pikachu who talks and behaves like a human and sometimes an animal. He is not able to use any move unlike other Pikachu, but seems to possess a rather high intelligence to the point where he claim to be a renowned detective.

In the movie, when he is speaking "normally", he is voiced by Ryan Reynolds, who is better known for portraying Theo/Turbo from Turbo, Guy from the Croods, the anti-hero Deadpool from the movie of the same name and played Green Lantern from the DC films. When he is speaking in "Pokemon Speak", he is voiced by Ikue Ohtani.


He is a male Pikachu who has a detective cap. He talks like a human being and speaks the human language unlike the other Pokemon, though only Tim Goodman is able to understand him.


One day, Detective Pikachu encounters a boy named Tim Goodman and after a short talk, the two must chase two Aipom who were causing trouble by harassing citizens. After retrieving a woman's necklace that was stolen by Burmy who was itself chased by two Aipom.

After that, Detective Pikachu takes Tim to his house before being wrapped up in a new case after they discover a Glalie attacking two people, they manage to knock the Pokémon unconsious and discovers that the two people are reporters. After encountering a frozen Drifloon and eventually a Drifblim, after solving the case, the two escape from the cave with the help of the Drifblim.

To be continued...


  • Pikachu says that he is a believer in climate change. 
  • Pikachu appears as a spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • His English voice actor, Kaiji Tang, sounds like Danny DeVito.


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