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Detective Ray Cameron

Detective Ray Cameron is a protagonist in the 1986 film, Night of the Creeps.

He is portrayed by Tom Atkins.


Ray makes his debut, having called in to the lab break-in, where he finds one of the bodies is missing, set free by Chris and J.C. The corpse makes its way back to the sorority house where he picked up his date twenty-seven years ago. There, his head splits open and releases more of the slugs. Called to the scene, Det. Cameron finds the body, interpreting the condition of the head as the result of an axe wound in the face.


Ray is an serious detective who is dedicated to his job. He intends to uncover the mysteries of the laboratory break-in and bring the culprit to justice. He has a strong code of honor, as he tries to save the people from the dangerous experiments.

Powers and Abilities

Ray is quite skilled with guns. He is also very intelligent as he finds the source of the lab incident.

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