Ani Devastator
Both Devastator and Eraser are the names of one of the playable fighters in Raiden Fighters series, especially in its sequel and Jet.

Powers and abilities

Ani Eraser
As implied by its name, it possesses all-around powerful weapons. It can make short work of large enemies and even bosses. But the Devastator is a slow plane, but it has the most powerful secondary weapons out of all other planes in Raiden Fighters. It's missiles are a devastating napalm type missile. The Laser weapon is the Electro-Zapper Beam which is similar to Truxton's laser weapon (which is from the old game Truxton by Taito). It fires an Electric Beam that locks on to an enemy. The Charged Missile Attack can destroy tough enemies easily. In its upgraded version, Eraser, the weapons are came from two other planes of the original Raiden Fighters with different names: Beast Wing's Laser (Pulse Beam) and Devastator's Missiles (Ultra-Fire Cruise Missiles). Even the charged specials are the same. The Charged Laser is a deadly blast that can destroy medium-sized enemies instantly. The Charged Missile pummels enemies relentlessly, destroying even the toughest enemies easily.
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