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Devon and Cornwall are the tritagonists of Quest for Camelot. They are conjoined dragons with Devon being a tall, thin, slim dragon whilst Cornwall is a short, fat dragon.

Devon is voiced by Eric Idle (who also voiced Slyly), and Cornwall is voiced by the late Don Rickles (who also voiced Mr. Potato Head).

They don't like each other and wish for individual parts so they can handle things on their own. Unlike other dragons, they cannot fly or breath fire, thus making them outcasts among the other dragons. They join Kayley and Garrett on their quest to find Excalibur. In the end, Devon and Cornwall are briefly separated, but decide to stay as one after they worked together when Ruber was stuck in the stone with Excalibur in his hand and got destroyed.


They hate each other so much that they even sing a comical song about not having each other("If I Didn't Have You."). However, they cry upon hearing "Looking Through Your Eyes.' Eventually, they're able to overcome their differences. They even talk like airline pilots when flying their human friends.

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