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I expect nothing and I'm still let down
~ Dewey at his birthday party

Dewey Wilkerson is one of the protagonist on Malcolm in the Middle. He is the fourth out of sixth children born to Hal and Lois Wilkerson. Dewey usually gets tortured or beat up by his brothers Malcolm and Reese and he beats them up too. But he loves them, he and Malcolm get along and those two are a lot of like. Just like Malcolm and Reese, he looks up to his older brother Francis as a hero and Francis sticks up for him. Plus, he was the only one he was nice to that he didn't beat up all the time. Dewey is loyal to his brothers. Two things they have in common, they love break things and they both love to piss off their mom, Lois.


Dewy is presented as one of the most intelligent of Hal and Louis' siblings (only behind Malcolm but extremely ahead of Reese) however he is neglected and ignored by his parents which can sometimes board on child abuse, as he was able to walk to Francis' workplace without neither of his parents noticing. Dewey is regularly tormented by Malcolm and Reese, so far Francis is the only brother who is kind to him however he did make him go through an excruciating ceremony of Brotherhood all for one cookie. Dewey occasionally proved to be a great big brother to Jamie however he did tell him that if the situation called for it he would easily sell him out and that's okay.

Dewey has shown to be equally as tormenting to his brothers as they are to him. He is aware of his families weak spots and uses this against them. For example when Louis had moved away for a brief period he pretended she was constantly calling him to scare Reese and get him to do whatever he wanted. When Reese had destroyed his model pirate ship beofre his eyes he pretended as he didn't even exist. Dewey is academically gifted similar to Malcolm however he doesn't share his brothers arrogance and egomania but he is incredibly deceptive and manipulative especially when it comes to Hal and Louis.

Examples include when Francis told him they have a speical candle that when is lit gives them an urge to do "grown-up things" in their bedroom which he used when he got a bad report in his class. He also tricked his father, Hal into falling asleep when he got in trouble and was grounded to his room, granting him free run of the entire house.

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