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Dexter "Dex" Hamilton is the main character of the show Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist. He is based off the "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin. He is voiced by Dwayne Hill.


Dex grew up with his father,a famous entomologist. As a result, he learned a lot about alien insects and developed and interest toward them. However,his father inexplicably disappeared during a research expedition.This caused him to believe that insects took his father from him. His love for insects quickly turned into hate and this affected his schoolwork when he entered college. However, after the events of Dex Hamilton: Fire And Ice, he started liking insects once more and, in his father's absence, took over Hamilton's Habitat.


Dex is an adventurous, fun-seeking person. He has an intense passion for insects and loves everything about them. He is also responsible and his teammates see him as "the glue that holds [them] together" as shown in Nature 3000. Zap mentions in "Family Business" that Dex purposely allows maggots to mate in the fridge, indicating his love for bugs.


Intimate Knowledge On Alien Insects-Dex has continually demonstrated intimate knowledge on various alien insects.

Leadership Qualities-Dex is a natural leader and is the leader of the Hamilton crew.

Athletic Prowess-Dex is also shown to be extremely athletic,able to perform feats requiring extreme athletic prowess.


Jenny 10

Jenny was the first member of the team Dex met in Dex Hamilton:Fire And Ice.She and Dex worked together to save Professor Baxter.Dex often relies on her to fix gadgets and gizmos around the Habitat and appreciates her for it.In Danger!High Voltage! they had a brief argument when Dex finds out she had been helping the Bug Busters.In the end Dex tells her that he appreciates the work she does.

Zap Monogan

Dex is good friends with Zap and despite his laidback attitude,Dex knows he will always come through in the end. Dex is aware of Zap's crush on Jenny and encouraged him to tell her his true feelings in Seeds Of Destruction.


Although Dex can be annoyed a little by Tung's antics,he still sees Tung as an important member of his team.


  • Dex is afraid of clowns.
  • Dex has a bit of an Australian accent.
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