Dexter Reed is the deuteragonist of the 1997 Nickelodeon comedy movie Good Burger.

He is portrayed by Kenan Thompson of All That fame.

He is a high school student who likes to slack on his summer vacation, until he accidently damaged the car of his teacher, Mr. Wheat, and has to pay the damages due to the fact he has no money and has to get a summer job. He originally worked at Mondo Burger, but Mondo Burger's villainous manager, Kurt Bozwell fires Dexter for insulting him. He was forced to work at Good Burger by Ed and Mr. Bailey. Dexter and Ed tried to get all the customers back to Good Burger by using Ed's secret sauce. Later on, when they discovered that the Mondo Burger was made big by using illlegal chemicals, the two were stopped by Kurt and the other Mondo Burger employees, but Mondo Burger exploded. By the end of the film, he gives the remaining money to Mr. Wheat for the car damages (ignoring the fact that the giant neon burger from Mondo Burger fell off and crushed Wheat's car) and he and Ed were declared heroes for saving Good Burger.

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