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I am the light coursing in the soul of the moon.
~ Diana

Diana, also known as the Scorn of the Moon, is a heroic playable champion in the MOBA game League of Legends. The host of the Aspect of the Moon, Diana is a warrior for the Lunari, a faith that has been repressed in Mount Targon for generations. Clad in shining silver armor, she hopes to use her new powers to bring peace and find her true purpose in the world.

The 52nd champion added to the game, Diana was released on August 7, 2012. She is often played only in the mid lane.

She is voiced by Nicole Oliver, who also voices Princess Celestia, Meiling Li and Queen Calissa.


Orphaned at a young age, Diana was not born on Mount Targon, instead found and taken in by Solari hunters, who brought her to a Rakkor temple to be raised as a member of the Tribes of the Last Sun. To accomplish this, Diana underwent rigorous training in the Solari faith, but found she did not quite fit in with the other students, as her curiosity about the actions of Solari zealots often prompted more questions than answers. Unsatisfied, Diana came to the realization that her teachers were hiding something from her, and she was determined to find out what.

Frustrated by the secrecy of her teachers and the apparent absence of any mention of the moon from any tomes, Diana's questions soon started to be met with harsh punishment. Diana was unperturbed, but soon found herself isolated from the other acolytes, who did not want their devotion to also be called into question. Diana's only friend through it all was Leona, who was the most devout among her peers. Though they often found themselves in heated debate, the two forged a close bond of understanding and mutual respect, and soon developed feelings for one another.

Unfortunately, this would not last, as Diana remained determined to uncover the truth the Solari priests had been hiding from her. In her research, Diana finally discovered a secret alcove that revealed it to her: the sun and moon were not enemies, and could stand together as one. However, when Diana arrived with the good news, Leona accused her of heresy and told her never to speak about it to anyone else, or else the Solari priests would enact the most serious of punishments upon her.

Crestfallen, Diana did not say anything for a long time, but lingering questions continued to fill her mind. Diana soon realized that she would have to find the answers herself, with or without Leona's help. Leaving the temple, Diana resolved that the only place she could find answers was the peak of Mount Targon, which would be a dangerous trek that few ever survive. The climb was more difficult than anything she could ever imagine, but Diana's determination to reveal the truth to Leona and the other acolytes motivated her until finally she reached the summit. There, Diana was greeted with the full moon, which enveloped her in a bright divine light that told her everything. Once before, there was another Rakkor faith known as the Lunari, which worshiped the Moon instead of the Sun. And for her journey to the peak, the Aspect of the Moon had chosen Diana as its new host.

The moonlight enveloped Diana, and when the transformation was complete she was surprised to see Leona standing beside her, overjoyed that she had followed her to find the truth. However, when Leona demanded that they turn themselves in at the Solari temple, the two erupted into an argument that escalated into a clash of blades, a battle in which Diana emerged victorious. Frightened of her newfound power, Diana fled down the mountain before the Aspect could deal the killing blow.

With the truth revealed to her, she knew she had to confront the Solari high priests at the temple. Bursting into their chambers, Diana explained everything she had learned about the Lunari, before they denounced her as a heretic. Angered, Diana lost control of her powers in a burst of moonlight, and found the high priests dead in front of her. Shocked at what she had done, Diana fled the temple.

Diana knows that peace between the Solari and Lunari is possible and will do anything to make that happen. Until that day arrives, Diana will continue to seek out her greater purpose for years to come.




  • She is the first LGBTQ+ champion to be released in League of Legends.


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