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You won't get to the top if you aren't going to change.
~ Diana.

Diana is one of the supporting characters in The King of Fighters video game series, originally appearing in The King of Fighters 2000. She is an former agent of NESTS and guardian and protector of Kula Diamond along with Foxy.

She is voiced by Kaori Minami.


Diana is mainly seen during Kula's intro and winpose, and also during Kula's Freeze Execution attack where she attempts to trip up the enemy before Kula unleashes her screen-filling super move. She is often appears as a butterfly when she warps onto the screen.


Diana is often compared to be a guardian, she and Foxy were ordered by NESTS to subdue the rogue agents with the assistance of Kula, namely "anti-K". Soon after, they are successfully terminated the cloned version of Zero.

However, in KOF 2001, Kula and Foxy are joined the NESTS team, but were attacked by teammates Angel and K9999 at the end of the tournament. Diana and Kula managed to survive the encounter and they are later formed an alliance with K'.

In the events of KOF 2003, Diana appears calling Whip, she believe her that in the next tournament (The King of Fighters XI), Kula appears in her replacement, Whip later rejoined in Ikari Warriors team, she certainly preserve herself to be approved and was occupied by Kula.


Diana is a businesswoman that was enjoys her high rank. Deeply attached and fond of Kula, she turned her back against NESTS. She is a honest and wise person who is extremely loyal to Kula, despise those who harm only by doing so, such as Clone Zero, when tried to destroy everything with the Zero Cannon. But she always wants to help Kula for everything, even though they are not part of NESTS.




  • She is implied to be close in age to Foxy (her colleague and friend who is 28 and in a similar predicament). However, this might be of her own volition.
  • According to Kula during her pre-fight dialogue with Saiki, Diana always told her that "there were no gods in this world." The events of the Orochi Saga, let alone the dealings with Those from the Past in that particular tournament arc, are inclined to disagree.


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