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Diana could have been the cutest goddess.

Diana is the Roman (Greek) Moon goddess of hunting. Her Greek equivalent is Artemis. She is the daughter of the god Jove and the titan Latona. As the goddess of hunting Diana is associated with animals and woodlands. She can talk to animals and control them. Diana is also one of the Roman triple goddesses. Unlike her greek equivalent Artemis who was born on Delos Diana was born in the woods near Ephesus. Even though she was worshiped in the city and had her own temple and shrine, the woods were Diana's home just like Artemis.

Other similarities to Diana and her Greek equivalent are that they are both virgin deities, fertility deities, nature deities, moon deities, hunting deities and deities of childbirth and they both have hunting hounds, Nymph followers and a favorite stag. She was also a goddess of magic and witchcraft just like Hecate. Another major similarity that Artemis and Diana have is that, well, just like all the Greek and Olympian Gods and the Roman Gods, they are the very same goddess.

Diana's symbol.

Some people say that Diana was evil and that she didn't care for the animals she hunted, and also that she completely hated males, and didn;t really care for children and women. All of those are lies. Diana is a protection Goddess. She hunts animals, not because she wanted, but because she had to, in order to teach her hunters. Also, she was protecting women and children too. She didn't care that much for males, although that does not mean that she completely hated them. She hunted some bad creatures, which ironically was the only way to protect them and other innocent animals.


Another Zodiac Diana gave to humans is Scorpio. Also, Diana was also symbolised by generally stars, planets, galaxies and any other form of matter and energy in the Universe.

Diana and her brother Apollo were born the same way as Artemis and her brother Apollo. Their father Jupiter fell in love with Latona / Leto. Jupiter's wife Juno was angry, the only difference is they were born near the city Ephesus that worshiped the goddess instead of the actual birth place of Apollo and Artemis. Diana wanted to remain a virgin forever and wanted to live in the wilderness. When the city of Ephesus worshipped the goddess, she didn't mind having rule over the city.

Just like Apollo and Artemis, Apollo and Diana, which are Apollo and Artemis, were born like their alternate selfs of Greek Mythology let's say. Diana was born a day before Apollo. She was a very strong little baby, and she helped her mother take care of Apollo. She protected her from a large dragon or monster, as some say, and helped her mother take care of Apollo. She was the older of the two twins, as well as the stronger and helped Apollo grow up and take his place uppon the Olympian Gods. The ironic thing is that she is also an Olympian Goddess but spents most of her time in the woods.

Diana met Heracles when in his 4th labour he had to steal her golden deer. Diana was angry and told him he shouldn't try to capture her deer, because she ws holy. Apollo believed that Heracles may have tried to even kill the golden deer, something Heracles would never do. Heracles told them about his labours and missions, thus they allowed him thankfully to complete his labour, knowing he woudn't harm Diana's deer.

Diana and her brother both care a lot about her mother. Though she did have one city to worship her Diana loved the forests more then the city. Diana got her Nymph helpers, chariot, bow & arrows, dogs

and deer the same way as Artemis. Just like the Greek goddess of the hunt, Diana has also punished people for similar reasons that Artemis did. Diana protects nature such as plants and animals just like Artemis. She also protects women and children just like the Greek goddess and cares for them. The Greek goddess Artemis is seen as a guardian, protector, caretaker and nurturer of the woods and animals and so is the Roman goddess Diana in all of those things, and both goddesses, which are in reality one goddess and not two, are seen as mothers to animals.

Other similarities between Artemis and Diana: like her Greek counterpart the Roman goddess is also mentioned as a being that predates Roman mythology and because Artemis is linked with Bastet, Diana is also liked to the cat goddess. Diana has taken the form of a cat and a deer just like Artemis. Diana has also punished people for boasting just like the Greek goddess. She even punished those who saw her bathing, another similarity with her Greek equivalent. These similarities aren't simple, it's because Artemis and Diana are the same person.

Diana wasn't only the goddess of the Moon, but of all outer space.

Just like Artemis, Diana has modern day things named after her; stuff that is linked to animals, hunting, mother nature and the Moon. Diana also has an asteroid belt named after her in astronomy. An asteroid is also called 78 Diana in the main asteroid belt between the planets Jupiter and Mars. Also, in a belt around Jupiter, an asteroid is also called simply Diana. Artemis and 105 Artemis are 2 more asteroids, an asteroid belt around Jupiter is called Artemis, 2 craters on planets Venus are called Artemis, plus, the black hole in the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, is called Sagittarius A, meaning Artemis.

Diana is usually depicted with a deer, as a goddess of hunting. But it can also be a reference to the myth of Acteon, a very skilled hunter, like Orion, who saw her bath naked. Acteon accidentally did that action, but was so amazed by what he saw, when he saw her naked, that he wanted the Goddess to marry him. Diana couldn't agree less with Acteon's desire. Diana was pissed off and to punish him for his bad actions and wanting to get married with her, she turned him into a deer and then, Acteon was killed and eaten by his own hunting dogs.

Constellations: Scorpius VS Orion

Diana has ever had one and only real love interest who was, according to Greek mythology, Orion. She loved him so much that she would give her virginity to be with him. But when Orion said to Diana that he would kill all the animals on Earth, Diana started to hate him, and her love about him completely ceased, and they became worst enemies. Orion attacked Diana and didn't listen to her warnings of not killing animals. Diana sent her strongest pet, Scorpius the Scorpion to kill Orion. When Scorpius won the battle, Diana placed her lovely scorpion in the night sky to reward him for killing Orion. She also placed Orion in sky as he was the son of Neptune (Poseidon), who always had the final word.

Personality and facts

Diana is seen as one of the most caring and respected Goddesses of mythology, and the one of the most beloved ones, if not the most beloved. She is a caring, cute, loving and protecting beautiful girl who rules over all nature. Her traits are all traits of Scorpio and Cancer, two of the three Zodiacs created by the Goddess, (see Artemis) the third being Sagittarius. She does however, get very aggressive, especially when people kill animals only for fun, or bother her, and even offend her family. She is sometimes very aggressive and may appear evil at certain times, but she really is very warm hearted and sometimes her behaviour was childish and babyish.

Diana is a goddess who does not like to lose and can not be broken. She believes in not giving up, fighting until you win and if you can't win going down fighting. She likes all challenges, likes to fight, likes thrills and likes action. When she loses, she always gets revenge and wins the next time. All the characteristics of Diana's personality are the signs of a Scorpio: caring, comfortable being alone, honest, loyalty, brave, independent, strength, strong-will, kindness, tough love, serious, devotion and dislikes boasting. Also cautious about other people, remembers everything good or bad, but still cares for their lover, friends and people close to them even if they are upset. She also is good looking just like all Scorpios also finds enjoyment from action, adventures and thrills. All Scorpios have the desire for their mate to have the same good qualities that they have. Those all the traits of a Scorpio, and are pretty much the same traits of Cancer, given to both zodiacs by Artemis. Scorpius, the giant Scorpion was also a pet, the strongest, along with the white deer and the golden one, of Artemis. When Orion told Artemis that he will kill all the animals on the entire planet Earth, Diana was fully pissed off and thus, sent Scorpius to kill Orion. Because Scorpius killed Orion, Diana put Scorpius in the night sky as a constellation, as a reward for her powerful Scorpius, who showed full loyalty and services to her.

She may seem little, but she is strong and immortal, and she is fast, an excellent shooter and also, a Goddess of strength. She is also very intelligent and loves training and gaining new knowledge. She also has specialties over most gods like talking to animals, shaking Earth, and being a complete mother nature, even more so than Terra, which is the name that the Romans gave to Gaia. Diana can also turn herself and others into animals, and also overpower most gods in strength, as she is Artemis. Her strength was only surpassed by Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto, which where the Roman names of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. She also has great aim, poisonous arrows that carried plague usually, and sometimes she also had whips and a spear. She is also the Queen of the Universe, because well, she is Artemis.

Some people said that Diana was evil. This is not true of course. She is a protection Goddess. She is just not really into men. People believe that this is because Zeus liked many women and made Hera angry all the time. She thought that if men were to be like this, she wouldn't be happy if she got married. Her one and only love interest was, according to Greek mythology, Orion. But when Orion said to Diana that he would kill all the animals on Earth, Diana started to hate him, and her love about him ceased, and they became worst enemies. Diana sent her strongest pet, Socrpius the Scorpion to kill Orion. When Scorpius won the battle, Diana placed her lovely scorpion in the night sky to reward him, showing that she has real love for animals too. Besides, she was the Goddess who created and raised Scorpius in the skies of the Milky Way Galaxy, showng how much she preferred all the animals on Earth and a scorpion who respected and loved her too over an evil hunter who was mistakenly worshipped as a hero, despite actually being one of mythology's greatest and most dangerous villains.

Her appearance, like Artemis, because well she is Artemis, is young like, cute and childish. She has Moon and star symbols of gold and silver and gemstones all around her sometimes, and a main half moon symbol, usually one her head. She was one of the most beautiful Goddesses, if not the most, and may have surpassed Venus (Aphrodite) in beauty. Both Diana and Minerva (Athena), may have been the most beautiful goddesses, and either her or she could be the most beautiful, and some claim that Athena and Artemis could have been more beautiful than Aphrodite. She is usually found wearing a tunic, which covers most and sometimes all or most of her torso, chest and belly, and either reaches above her knees, or probably covers her entire legs. But usually, she wore tunics very short, so short in fact, that didn't even reach her legs, and left her legs completely uncovered. Her legs were usually completely bare and naked. Her full legs were most of the time fully free, from the very top of her hips that touched her belly until her ankles and her feet was completely bare, showing great beauty.

Diana's possessions

  • Silver Moon Chariot pulled by deer / stags / horses
  • Silver Bow & Silver Arrows
  • Silver Moon head symbols
  • Silver Moon earrings
  • Silver Moon Circlet
  • Luminite Crystals
  • Whips of Chaos
  • Silver Spear
  • Wild animals
  • Sandals
  • Armor
  • Tunic
  • Dogs
  • Deer
  • Boar



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