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Note: This article is about the character of amalgam comics and the alter ego of wonder woman during the 90's

Diana Prince is a character from amalgam comics,Alternatively is an alter ego after she lost his title of wonder woman to artemis.

The Contest

A New Contest. A New Wonder Woman

Diana was elated--her home was back, her sisters were back, and her mother was back. Hippolyta told Diana the whole story of what had happened. Circe had led the renegade Amazons to Paradise Island, stirring them up with dreams of conquest. They caught Hippolyta's Amazons completely off guard, and for two days there was nothing but bloody battle in the city. Too late Circe's schemes became apparent. She used her magic to transport the entire island to another dimension, where for ten years in that place the Amazons were set upon by demons. Both tribes of Amazons had to band togheter or die, and for ten years they fought against the demons. As a reward, Hippolyta bequeathed a section of the undeveloped part of the island to her sister's tribe. Now they were back, and the nightmare was over. Diana recounted everything she had done in the months since their absence--Hippolyta was not pleased. She felt Diana had been wasting many opportunities to affect man's world as a whole. Hippolyta announced that she was not sure if she could trust Diana to represent the island anymore. Upset, Diana wandered away from the city with some friends, where she met Artemis for the first time. Diana was intrigued, if not particularly impressed, with his brash, arrogant young Amazon from the tribe of Antiope. As they were talking, word came that Hippolyta had made a decision--there would be a new contest, and perhaps a new Wonder Woman.

Artemis was given the Wonder Woman outfit to wear. She was also given the Sandals of Hermes, which let her fly, and the Gauntlet of Atlas, which increases the strength of the wearer by a factor of ten. She also had her bow. Diana created a new black suit and headed back to Boston, too angry with her mother to listen to anything she had to say. Diana helped Artemis battle some minions of the White Magician before visiting her friends in the hospital. Donna Milton was fully recovered, but Julia was paralyzed. Artemis went to New York City where a public relations firm picked her up, offering to make her a well known presence. Artemis promised to succeed where Diana had failed. Diana had to help her friend Micah, in trouble again, before going off to help Hawkman.

Diana's teammates in the Justice League did not take kindly to the news that there was a new Wonder Woman. They refused to follow anyone other than Diana.

Amalgam Comics

The Olympian goddesses brought Diana to life from clay on Themyscira in 1967. Diana grew up in constant rivalry with her foster sister, Ororo. The duo of Ororo and Diana fought crime for a while as a team. The team broke up, however, after the two were forced to compete in a contest for the Amazonian title of Wonder Woman.

With her weather-manipulating metamutant powers, Ororo defeated Diana and, under the name Diana Prince, left her native island to explore man's world. Diana serviced the Wakandan king for a while and, in return, received a pair of indestructible secondary adamantium bracelets. Diana has a collapsible recursive bow. Later, Diana traveled to the United States where she found the Punisher dying of wounds in the street. Diana saved his life and the two had a child together named Ryan. Diana and the Punisher split up soon afterward, however, the former couple have recently been reunited, though, as a result of their son's kidnapping by the minions of Thanoseid. Diana then appeared in Baton Rouge, seeking Ororo's help.


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