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Heroine Overview

A Wolf and a Fox, are not so different. Maybe they will believe you, maybe they won't, but it doesn't matter. Don't do it for them, do it for you. This is a chance to write your own story, to find a better life for you and your friends. Come on, what have you got to lose?
~ Diane showing her thievery skills to Wolf, holding the ring he stole from her earlier and then motivating him to redeem himself.
Wait a sec. You're the Crimson Paw? The queen of cons. Acrobatic Swiss Army knife. Stole the Zumpango diamond twice. Once for profit, second time just for fun. Never identified, never caught.
~ Wolf describing Diane.

Diane Foxington is one of the two deuteragonists (alongside Mr. Snake) of The Bad Guys, DreamWorks' 2022 animated film adaptation of Aaron Blabey's book series of the same name.

She is a red fox who is the popular Governor of Los Angeles. However, Diane is also, in fact, a reformed criminal as she used to be the infamous, mysterious master thief Crimson Paw until she saw the error of her ways and joined politics so as to help people and atone for her former dark life.

She is initially skeptical when Mr. Wolf, the dastardly leader of the thieving gang the Bad Guys (made up of Wolf, Mr. Snake, Ms. Tarantula, Mr. Shark and Mr. Piranha), suggests that he and his team be given a chance to redeem themselves, but she gradually finds out that she and the wolf aren't so different and the two even become love interests, as Diane and the Bad Guys end up working together and using their thieving skills to take down a far larger threat.

She is voiced by Zazie Beetz, who also played Domino in Deadpool 2 and Dana in Geostorm.


Diane is a tall, beautiful, pear-shaped ginger-furred anthropomorphic red fox, possessing pale-apricot patches lightly placed around her eyes, muzzle to her chest, insides of her pointy ears, the front of her paws, and the tip of her bushy tail. She has the traditional fluffy face-fur and black lip-liner, sharp black eyebrows with the left one having two small, circular-shaped silver piercings, tiny black claws and a small dusty-pink nose. Her most distinctive feature is her wide oval-like eyes, which possesses emerald irises and small yet fluttery-like eyelashes.

Diane wears a set of four outfits throughout the movie. Being the governor, her main attire appears to be that of elegant business attire; consisting of a pair of thin oval-framed glasses and diamond necklace, with her necklace followed by a matching bracelet which she wore on her right wrist. She wore a gray business pantsuit with the jacket being un-buttoned, revealing a white long-sleeved collared shirt with silk navy-black necktie, complete with a pair of black high-heels.

During the Golden Dolphin award ceremony, Diane wore both a golden necklace and a golden bracelet worn on her right wrist, similar to her previous bracelet. She dons a strapless, magenta-pink sweetheart-style dress which appears to be made out of satin or silk, followed with high-heels with straps as they are the same color as her dress, thus complimenting the color scheme. She also wears a ring which she kept the Zumpango Diamond in.

During the Gala for Goodness, Diane wore the same golden necklace and bracelet, but instead she wore a strapless royal-blue jumpsuit with an overskirt and a pair of sparkly-white high-heels. She also appears to carry a handbag.

Meanwhile, as The Crimson Paw, Diane dons attire resembling that of a ninja; a tight-fitting black hooded stealth-suit, which features yellow stripes on the sides and a small yellow "X" stitched in the middle of the hood, followed by a black neck balaclava. She also wore black arm-wrap bracers with matching over-the-knee black wrap-like boots, with her boots itself containing a yellow stripe above the soles. She completes her stealthy-look with a black utility belt around her waist, which has a noticeable, thin black buckle. Her suit was also meant to hide all of her fox features, as her tail is completely hidden.


Initially, Diane was quite contemptuous of the Bad Guys and opposed to the experiment to reform them. However, while showing disapproval to the gang's criminal activities (when she calls them second rate has-beens and pathetic), she gradually takes personal interest in their reformation. When Mr. Wolf vents his point of view of how the world sees him, Diane levels with him, showing him that she knows how he feels and that she genuinely wants him and his friends to have a better life. She used to be a thief who loved every second of her criminal life, but the shame for having conformed to the stereotype of the cunning fox prompted her to abandon her evil ways and become an honest politician to make up for her past. As the movie progresses, Diane becomes the gang's sole supporter, even when Marmalade turns the city against them. She also proves to be selfless; after foiling the corrupt executive's plot, Diane tries to explain that the Bad Guys are not responsible for the theft of the meteorite, even though it'd mean confessing that she was the Crimson Paw, and completely destroy her new life, but thankfully, Mr. Wolf and his friends refuse to let her go through with it and surrender to the police.

Overall, Diane is an sharp and intelligent, albeit sympathetic individual who genuinely wants the Bad Guys to have a better life, and intends to use her skills to benefit those around her, which is backed up by the fact that she wished to become Governor. After being revealed to have formerly been the Crimson Paw, she tells Mr. Wolf that her move to politics was motivated by a desire to make up for her criminal career and to do good in the world.


Diane has exceptional leadership skills while she is the governor of California. As the former elusive thief, the Crimson Paw, she was a far better thief than the Bad Guys, even initially considering them sloppy before warming up to them. She managed to do heists on her own rather than rely on a team, and could have easily stolen the Golden Dolphin on her own before her change of heart whereas the Bad Guys barely managed to do so and then got caught a few moments afterwards. Likewise, Diane has combat skills superior to Piranha, as demonstrated when she effortlessly defeats the entire police force guarding the prison, and even has access to better and more efficient equipment than that of the gang's inventory.



Diane was trickyfox and return to Golden Dolphin

Diane see her reflection and realizes that becoming a criminal was not a good idea and she puts the Golden Dolphin back in its place.

Before the events of the film, Diane was the infamous and notorious Crimson Paw. She was never caught and never identified in any of her schemes and was a well-known criminal mastermind. During her attempted theft of the Golden Dolphin, Diane was reflecting on herself, thus deciding to not steal it as she didn't want people to think that she's still a cunning tricky fox. Luckily, she turned her life around for the better, putting the Golden Dolphin back and turning good and became the Governor.

The Bad Guys[]

During the film, Diane is first seen in the news report on the Bad Guys. She claims that she feels sorry for them, as she boldly insults them by stating that they are second rate has-beens, and their robberies are only out of anger, denial and self-loathing and that no cash or valuables could ever fill those holes. She then mentions the Good Samaritan award where she will hand out the Golden Dolphin to the "Goodest Citizen"; which Wolf and the Bad Guys plan to steal to get her back.

Later on, Diane is seen with Misty Luggins entering the Gala where she's at the retinal scanner for tight security. When the Bad Guys enter the Gala in disguises, she is seen again having a conversation with the ambassador and his wife. Mr. Wolf (as Mr. Poodleton) attracts her attention by referring the giant monumental statue as trash. Diane responds by saying: "They say that art reveals more about the viewer than the artist"; However, as he introduces his false identity to her, she was unaware of Wolf stealing her ring while she claims that the Bad Guys will soon be toast. She later claims that the sculpture is about perspective and that trash can be recycled into something beautiful which reveals the shadow of a swan. Finally, she takes a selfie with Wolf for his plan.

Diane is later seen entering the front of the Gala to announce how the Meteorite led a big impact on the city of California and that Professor Marmalade wins the good Samaritan awards. However by the time the curtains open, the Dolphin is immediately stolen by Wolf, Snake, Piranha and Tarantula. When the Bad Guys were about to be arrested after being exposed, she is talking to the reporters and witnesses until Wolf interrupts to convince her and Marmalade to give the Bad Guys the second chance they rightfully deserved. She allows it only when the Bad Guys are under Marmalade's control; Diane then tells Mr. Wolf to make the most of his change.

After the Bad Guys' first day of Marmalade's reformation experiment and later after the fiasco of the lab heist, attempting a heist for good gone sour when Snake tried to eat the guinea pigs and made them look bad trying to get the out of him. Diane is angered by this she plans to stop the reform plan and have the Bad Guys sent them to jail. Just as Wolf tries to smooth-talk her, she's not impressed and chews him out, calling him "gutless" for being unwilling to show the world that he is more than just a scary stereotype. In response, Wolf finally loses patience with her and tells her off by expressing his pent-up frustrations and claims people and authorities like her will never understand or believe them even if by a miracle, they did change. Until Diane stealthily steals back her ring from Wolf (who had snatched it at the ceremony), much to his shock, to show him that "a wolf and a fox are not so different", showing that she truly does understand and encourages Wolf to redeem himself and the rest of the gang not to prove a point or find popularity, but for their own sake since this is the chance for them to have a better life.

Her speech affects Mr. Wolf profoundly, and he performs his first good deed (saving the kitty from a tree and showing him kindness) later that night. Marmalade recorded the event and posted it online, redeeming the Bad Guys in the populace's eyes. At the gala, Diane invites him to a dance, where they start developing a real chemistry. And during a lull in the dance, she asks Mr. Wolf how it feels to be loved by the world instead of feared. He responds that it feels really good, and slips her diamond ring into her hands.

When Wolf is on the verge of launching the final step of the scheme, he can't bring himself to do it, and goes good for real because the idea of betraying the newfound trust and love he's receiving, of betraying Diane's trust and has fallen in love with her, is now unbearable. Suddenly, Marmalade incriminates the Bad Guys for the theft of the Love Meteorite. While being pursued by the police, Wolf hastily sacrifices a few seconds to give Diane a map to the gang's hideout and loot. Marmalade revealed himself as a villain too who stole the meteorite to the Bad Guys in private, Wolf attacks Marmalade for his lies and turning Snake against him but cleverly opened the door in front of everyone to make them look worse as no one is aware that Marmalade is the real crook.

After the frame-up is completed and the Bad Guys lose everything, she's disappointed and saddened... but wasn’t easily fooled as she looked at Marmalade, who makes a calm strange behavior after being "attacked", making her suspect that he set them up and she remembers the map Wolf gave her. When she reaches the hideout, sees all the loot, she realizes that he is sincere, leading her to realize Marmalade's true nature that he really did set them up.

Pulling back the mantle of the Crimson Paw, Diane breaks into the S.U.C.M. Prison and, through athleticism, strength and sheer trickery (including knocking out two fleeing guards by kicking a shoe at them), she takes down dozens of guards single-handedly so as to free the innocent Bad Guys and, after taking on even more guards, escapes with them via boat. When the Bad Guys sadly split up from Wolf due to feeling betrayed by his redemption (since Marmalade tries to turn them against him, making them think he doesn’t want to be around them anymore), Diane comforts Wolf and consoles him, telling him of her own redemption and assuring him that, if his friends are really that, they'll forgive and join him.

She reveals that she has an hidden base under her house and takes Wolf there to gear up with all her gadgets. With Wolf's help, Diane deciphers Marmalade's plan of using mind-controlled guinea pigs to hijack the vans carrying the charity money and bringing it all to him. Likewise, she utilizes hacking to determine the vans' coordinates and directions. Having stolen Wolf's car to give it to him, the two head off to Marmalade's mansion to stop the evil businessman by stealing the Meteorite from him and almost succeed were it not for Wolf falling for a trap Diane even warned him about.

Professor Marmalade catches the two vigilantes in his lair and puts them in the death trap, with his henchman, Cuddles on watch. Eventually, they are rescued by the reformed Webs, Shark and Piranha (while Snake, redeemed as well, is pretending to have joined Marmalade), and the crew steals the Meteorite (actually a lamp) and escapes the compound.

When having stolen the "Meteorite" doesn't seem to have stopped the mind-control, the gang opts to using gadgets of Diane's and hacking from Webs to redirect the hijacked vans back to their original destinations. Diane then tells the reformed Bad Guys to meet her at the police station to clear their names. However, the gang sacrifices their chance to bring Mr. Snake back to their side.

Once all is said and done, she tries to defend the Bad Guys from the police. When Luggins insists there's no way Diane could know they're innocent unless she was conspiring with known criminals, the governor realizes that the only way to prove their innocence is to confess that she was the Crimson Paw, which means completely destroying her new life. Fortunately, Mr. Wolf refuses to let her do that and surrenders, followed by the rest of the gang. Thanks to Mr. Snake's master gambit, he exposes Professor Marmalade as the real meteorite thief, making everyone realize that the Bad Guys didn’t steal the meteorite.

Marmalade is defeated and eventually arrested when he is implicated as the Crimson Paw after the Zumpango Diamond falls out of his pocket after the lamp falls on him. As Marmalade is sentenced to S.U.C.M., he desperately tries to tell everyone that is Diane is the real Crimson Paw, but no one listens now they know Marmalade is nothing but a fraud and manipulative liar, while Diane holds the Golden Dolphin and smugly waves goodbye.

At the end of the film, as the Bad Guys are released just a year later for good behavior, Diane comes to retrieve them via car and her, the Bad Guys and the cat ride off into the horizon, ready to do some hero work.


Nope! I'm still the best, just like riding a stolen bicycle.
~ Diane after she rescues the bad guys.
Diane: Webs, you feel like a girls’ trip?
Tarantula: Um, yes. Later, boys. (laughs)
~ Diane and Ms. Tarantula teaming up.
I didn't just go after it...I HAD it, and a clear escape route, but what I saw in the end was the tricky fox they always told me I was. It changed everything.
~ Diane describing to Wolf why she changed her ways.


  • Diane is based on Agent Fox from the books. Except unlike Fox, she was a former thief before changing her position for a positive change.
    • Although loosely based on Ellen from the books, Diane shares many differences with her:
      • She is a politician whereas Ellen isn't.
      • She worked solo as Crimson Paw while Ellen works alongside other members of 'The International League of Heroes'.
      • Ellen has a blonde ponytail while Diane doesn't.
      • Ellen was a former thug turned good while Diane was disgusted at herself for being a thief and became governor to make up for her crimes.
      • Diane stopped being the Crimson Paw before deciding to be governor while Ellen is still working with the members of Shadow Squad G.
      • Ellen is known as "The One" during the second story arc of the books while Diane has yet to be chosen for a quest of her own.
  • Diane is left-handed.
  • There are several hints early on that Diane is a former criminal:
    • During the Golden Dolphin ceremony, when talking to a disguised Mr. Wolf, she describes in great detail all the ways in which the Bad Guys flubbed their previous big heist. This shows her firsthand knowledge on heists.
    • She also correctly tells him the gang would make things personal by trying to steal the Golden Dolphin, and when Mr. Wolf says he can't miss a photo op with the governor and "a pile of garbage" (referring to the sculpture), she tells him he's being too hard on himself. This suggests she can not only see through his disguise, but is also taunting him.
    • Mr. Wolf steals her diamond ring from her early in the heist, only for her to steal it back in turn, demonstrating her exceptional pickpocket skills.
    • When dancing with Wolf during the charity Gala, Diane shows great dexterity and, at one point, even lifts Wolf over her head and spins him around, all effortlessly. This is an early hint that she has much more physical prowess than the average politician.
  • In folklore, Foxes are known for being trickers, Similar with Diane.
  • She and Wolf are Both a Wolf and a Fox since wolves and foxes are related in the Canine Family Genus.

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