XY Diantha
Diantha is a famous and reowned actress, as well known as the Champion of the Kalos Region.


Diantha is a young woman. She wears the beautiful clothes that are colored white. The Key Stone necklace is around her neck. Her white outfit resembles Swablu.



In the games

Diantha appears in Pokémon X and Y as a famous movie star and a notable icon across the Kalos Region. She is also a Trainer, but shows more interest in other Trainers who have real potential. She takes a special interest in the player from their first meeting in Café Soleil in Lumiose City and later when she meets the player again in Coumarine City.

Later, she reappears as the Champion of the Kalos region.

After registering in the Hall of Fame, Diantha can be found in Café Soleil, where she will ask the player to trade one of their Pokémon for her Ralts holding the Mega Stone for Gardevoir, the Gardevoirite.

She will also appear in the Battle Chateau once the player has reached the highest rank, Grand Duke/Grand Duchess.

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