I used to look up at space, with hope and wonder in my eyes. Until space... looked back. Invader Zim: evil alien soldier of the Irken Empire. Sent by his diabolical masters, the Almighty Tallest, to infiltrate Earth and prepare it for the coming invasion. Disguised as one of us, he moved into my neighborhood. He went to my school. And with the help of his vile mechanical servants, plotted to destroy everything we have. Everything we are. And then... he vanished. My name is Dib Membrane. I'm twelve years old, and I'm all that stands between Zim... and the annihilation of our world!
~ Dib Membrane in Enter the Florpus

Dib Membrane is the main antagonist hero of Invader Zim and the main protagonist of Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus. Dib is a young, eccentric boy who possesses a fascination with unexplained paranormal phenomena, such as ghost hunting, Ufology, and cryptology, as well as with the supernatural and occult.

He intercepted the words spoken at the Great Assigning on planet Conventia in the first episode with his laptop. Six months later, he noticed a strange, green foreign exchange student enter his classroom. Dib tried his best to convince the world that it is in danger, but nobody believed him, due to previous erroneous claims of supernatural beings. Since then, he has made it his mission to protect his oblivious home from Zim's schemes against all odds.

He is voiced by Andy Berman.


Dib is an 11-13 Earth years old and resembles his father, Professor Membrane. Both have black, scythe-like hair. He wears a black trench coat, a blue shirt with a logo of a grey face and glasses. In Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom, Dib's got more jagged and bigger with age. Many people claim that Dib's head is big, a running gag in the show; but it's not visibly bigger. The redesign process God  Save the Dib, however, actually gave him a bigger head.


Role In The Series

While he is the hero of the show, he has shown to be a very antagonistic character, often doing mean things to other characters to reach his own personal goals (the most notable being that he once gave his own little sister a curse that made every thing she ate taste like pork so he could see what it did to humans) as well as doing crazy and often life threatening things just to stop Zim. He is also almost always stalking him. He has a sister named Gaz Membrane.



TV Show

Enter the Florpus


  • Despite being archenemies, Dib has temporarily allied with Zim numerous times through out the show. Most notable times are in Hamstergeddon and Tak: The Hideous New Girl.
  • While Zim and Dib hate each other, they actually need each other. It is revealed in the cancelled episode, Mopiness of Doom, without Dib, Zim would lose interest in his mission and without Zim, Dib cannot prove to the world that Zim is an alien.
  • Out of all the characters in the show, Dib is the most antisocial; He has no friends, and he constantly gets bullied by the other Skool children.
  • Dib is Jhonen Vasquez's favorite character in the show.
  • Dib was also a member of the Evil Syndicate (the main antagonists of Nicktoons: Unite, & Glob of Doom).


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