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Dick Tracy is a police detective created by Chester Gould and the main protagonist of the comic book, animated 1960s series and film of the same name.


Dick is an uncompromising, and intelligent police detective sporting a yellow overcoat and fedora. He is heavily committed to break the organized crime that infests the city. In addition, Tracy is in line to become the chief of police, which he scorns as a "desk job".


Tracy is often aided by his partners Sam Catchem and Lizz and his former partner turned police chief Pat Patton.

The Specs

Dick Tracy is a cop and a detective who wears a yellow jacket, black suit, yellow fedora and a red and black tie, a popular style of outfit in the 1930s.


Dick is a very skilled martial artist and very proficient with weapons. Likewise, he has a pretty sharp mind as he is able to analyze certain clues.


  • Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Richard Gere, Tom Selleck, Mel Gibson, Dennis Quaid, Pierce Brosnan, Michael Keaton and the late Bill Paxton were considered for the role of Dick Tracy before Warren Beatty was cast.

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