Dig Dug (real name Taizo Hori) is the playable character in the arcade game of the same name released by Namco in 1982 and its sequels. He is a digger who must eliminate monsters living underground by inflating them with his air pump and causing them to blow up. He also appears in the spin-off series Mr. Driller, where he is now the president of the Driller Council and has fathered three sons with his ex-wife Toby Masuyo; Taiyo, the youngest, Susumu, the middle child, and Ataru, the oldest, who hates him for an unknown reason. He also appears in the turn-based RPG crossover video game Namco X Capcom.

In the Mr. Driller series and Namco X Capcom, he was voiced by Toshio Furukawa.


Dig Dug is a short adult man who wears a white, red and light blue uniform with a red symbol on the chest area that appears to be either a downwards-pointing arrow or the letter "V", light blue gloves, red boots, and a white helmet with a blue light on top. He carries an orange air pump on his back, and he also has a black goatee.


  • His real name, Taizo Hori, is a pun on the Japanese phrase "Horitai zo!", which translates to "I want to dig!".
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