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Dilly is the tritagonist of the All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series episode, "Charlie's Cat-As-Trophe." She is an orange kitten whom Annabelle (though neither seen nor heard) assigns Charlie and Itchy to escort to a worried girl.

It is shown that Dilly has spirit, as shown when Charlie and Itchy are in cat form (due to miracle dog tag usage) and they (with Ivana's help) get her out of the house whose owner hates dogs, she fights off Otto and his gang, climbs a tree, and jumps off a roof. These are instructions on how good being a cat can be, but more on the fact that different does not mean bad.

Eventually, Charlie and Itchy bring Dilly back to her house, where the girl who lives there takes her in. It is unknown whether Dilly's vocal effects are done by Frank Welker or an actual female.

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