SLY Dimitri
Dimitri Lousteau is a former antagonist of the Sly Cooper franchise and just like the Panda King and Penelope, he joins Sly's gang in Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves.


Dimitri Lousteau is an anthropomorphic marine iguana (however, in the comics he is called a lizard). In Sly 2, he wears a dark green suit and a red shirt underneath. When depicted in his diving gear, it is obvious he is reasonably fatter in the stomach than originally believed. This could be because his original suit was designed to keep his belly tucked in. He speaks an odd form of English, which contains bits of street slang he learned from watching hip-hop music videos. This strange form of English mostly consists of phrases like "Show your bling, and let me shine you," "Let's dance," "I'm mag-to the-jag-to the-nificiant!" and his unofficial catchphrase, "Greasy Sweet!!". He gives nicknames to his associates, frequently calling Sly a "crackerbox" and Murray "Main man Murray". Dimitri also has an enormous ego, which is only enhanced when he obtains his diving gear. He also believes that he is irresistible to women, including hitting on Penelope when they're alone, thinking she's in love with him and not Bentley. This leads her to come up with two rules: "1. Get over yourself, and 2. I mean it, get over yourself". His user name in the Thiefnet chatroom is shown as being "greasysweet1," and his code name on the Cooper Vault Job is "Agent Deep Six."


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