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Din Song is a working-class college student who is the protagonist in the 2021 animated film Wish Dragon.

He is voiced by Jimmy Wong.


Din is a young Chinese teenager. He has light skin complexion, dark brown eyes, and a short black hair. Din also usually wears a white shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers.


Din is a working-class college student in Shanghai who dreams to reunite with his childhood friend Li Na, who moved years ago from his neighborhood with her father, Mr. Wang, and lives a lavish life. One day, Din is given a teapot by an elderly man from which emerges Long, a wish dragon. Long informs Din he will grant three wishes to his master, whomever holds the teapot. Din will be Long's tenth and final master and will free Long from his servitude, allowing him to enter the Spirit world. Subsequently, Din is chased off by a trio of goons led by a man named Pockets, sent by Mr. Wang to recover the teapot in hopes of saving his failing business. Din anxiously uses his first wish to fight off the goons and escape.

The next day, Din and Long arrive at Li Na's birthday party. Din makes his second wish to temporarily appear as a wealthy prince, hoping Li Na will notice him to rekindle their friendship. Li Na is disappointed when she realizes her father will not be attending her party. Din, keeping up with his cover-up, comforts her and they are asked by Mr. Wang (through a video call) to share a meal together. Long warns Din that Li Na would leave him as soon as she finds out his identity because of their different socioeconomic statuses.

At the date, Din asks Long for advice on how to act accordingly to his new status, but ends up upsetting Li Na in the process. They end up in Din's neighborhood after the goons intercept them again. Din reveals himself to Li Na, and they spend the rest of the day in the neighborhood reliving their childhood pastimes. However, Li Na retreats claiming that she has responsibilities and expectations she needs to meet, hurting Din's feelings. Later that night, Din angrily asks Long to make him rich in a last-ditch effort to be respected. Long reveals to Din that in life he was a wealthy and powerful lord whose reign ended in loneliness and tragedy and was punished to become a wishing dragon. Long's servitude as a wishing dragon is meant to make him appreciate the meaning of life and has failed to accomplish with all of his previous masters.

After tracking down Din, Pockets betrays Mr. Wang by taking the teapot for himself and asks the wish dragon for his first wish to turn everything he touches to gold. Din pursues the villains' van, and eventually ends up fighting Pockets on Long's back. Pockets corners Din and prepares to hit him with his golden hand, but Long puts himself in the way, causing both him and Pockets to turn into gold statues. Din is unable to stop Long's statue from sinking to the bottom of a river, while Pockets shatters to pieces against the ground. After Long returns from his afterlife, Din uses his last wish to bring Mr. Wang back to life, and the wish dragon disappears.

Sometime later, Mr. Wang starts a restaurant featuring Din's mother's cooking, with both Din and Li Na helping. Din finds a teapot like the one Long resided in and releases him. Long tells Din on the condition for his return to Earth was to stay and serve ten more masters. After saying goodbye to Long, Din places the teapot on a carriage driven by the elderly man at the beginning, who is actually the guardian of the gate to the Spirit world.


Din is quite talented at drawing and making kites that are related to dragons. He made one with Li during their childhood.

After gaining possession of the magical teapot and during the conflict with Pocket and his goons, Din nervously makes his first wish to fight back. After Long inconspicuously grants his wish, Din uses his newfound Kung fu skills to hold his ground against his opponents.

Additionally, he becomes more agile and stronger as the result, as one point, he kicked through the door during his first fight against Pockets' minions.



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