Dinah Drake is one of the main protagonist in Season 5 of Arrow. She become a member of Team Arrow in Second Chances. She was born and raised in Central City. She become a detective in Central City Police Department, she and her partner Vincent Sobel were undercover to bring down Sean Sonus a powerful Mob Boss in central City. She was made and was captured by Sonus and his men. She even found his partner Vincent and tortured him for two weeks at Sobel's warehouse. Sonus killed Sobel right in front of her. After the STAR LABS Particle Accelerator exploded it gave everyone metahuman powers. Including Dinah and Sobel. After three years later she is in Hub City and took a leave on absence from CCPD to go on her vigilante hunt after Sonus. Sonus is in Hub City, Oliver and his team heard about her and want to recruit her on their team. She is going to pass and went after Sonus herself. She has the Canary Cry as her power like Laurel Lance. She couldn't be saved after she took Sonus. When she met Oliver in Star City, when he warned her about killing Sonus wasn't going to help bring back Vincent. Dinah was more than a partner to Vincent, they were dating. She felt remorse and felt bad crossing the line, Oliver told her she was his second chance. Unlike Helena Bertinelli aka The Huntress, she felt bad and realize she took responsibility for everything. That is why she is part of Oliver's team and maybe she can redeem herself and be the person that Vincent is proud of. She become a full time member of Team Arrow and transferred to Star City Police Department as a Detective.

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