Dinky and Boomer are one of the supporting protagonists from the 1981 Disney film, The Fox and the Hound. They are the sidekicks of Big Mama.

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Dinky is voiced by Richard Bakalyan and Boomer is voiced by Paul Winchell who also voiced Tigger until 1999.

Role in the film

Dinky and Boomer first appear when they help Big Mama find a home for Tod  by getting Widow Tweed's attention since Tod's mother was killed by a hunter. Since they were trying to get Widow Tweed's attention, Boomer taps at her door and Dinky helps take the laundry.

As Tod starts growing up, he tries to find someone to play with but Dinky and Boomer, the two birds were too busy trying to catch the caterpillar named Squeaks to notice.

They appear again while Amos Slade and Chief were chasing Tod as the bird duo were nearly shot by Amos and they quickly fly away.

After Copper leaves for a hunting trip, the two birds fly south for the winter. During spring, the two birds return in the spring as they were amazed and proud of how much Tod has grown up.

After the accident of the night, when Tod's safety was that Widow Tweed takes Tod to a nature preserve, Dinky and Boomer help Big Mama to watch his attempts at making friends with a female fox named Vixey.

At the end of the film, they tried to catch Squeaks until Squeaks becomes a butterfly. 


Dinky is a small and short bird with yellow feathers.

Boomer is a tall bird with a red head with gray and black feathers and black spots.


Dinky and Boomer are both funny, kind and hungry.


  • According to Sharon Mornill, Dinky and Boomer were supposed to appear in The Fox and the Hound 2, but they did not appear in the film.


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